Babysana case grew uglier due to Govt failure: Joykisan

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Aug 10: Alleging that the inability of the State Government to heed the demands of the people for delivering justice for Ningthoujam Babysana has resulted in a State issue, Thangmeiband MLA Kh Joykisan has asked who the police have arrested till date in connection with the IPC Section 305 and 302 which were added in the case.
Speaking to media persons, Joykisan alleged that Babysana's case grew uglier due to the failure of the State Government to provide a definitive conclusion/solution and opined that if the State Government had been honest and lived up to the promises it made to the JAC and TUC (Thangmeiband United Club), then the matter would not have spiralled into such a mess.
The JAC and the people of Thangmeiband had opposed the first post mortem report of the deceased and had demanded for the case to be handed over the CBI. After assurance was received regarding the same, Babysana's body was claimed by the family members and JAC and buried.
After some reports surfaced in the local dailies that Babysana's incident was a suicide case, discontent was apparent among the people of Thangmeiband and the JAC, he said, demanding the State Government to make it clear whether it plans to hand over the case to the CBI or not.
If it had been handed to the CBI, the situation would not have spiralled out of control, he exclaimed.
The MLA then alleged that some people with vested interest have been trying to manipulate the case and make it look like a suicide, fooling the police in the process as well, and asked who have been arrested till date under IPC Section 305 and 302 in connection with the case.
Joykisan continued that some of the school authorities who were arrested have not been linked with the death but are being sidelined on charges of fraud and cheating and violation of guidelines/procedures.
This shows that the police have no interest in the case and is an attempt to silence the case without handing it over to the CBI, the MLA claimed.
If it was a suicide, why were there bruises on Babysana's body, he asked adding that it is questionable why the police has not revealed the injury report in the post mortem report.
The MLA then demanded the Government to hand over the CBI to the CBI if it wants the issue to subside and conveyed that the Government will not succeed in its plan to break up the JAC and the people's movement.
Is it a sign of a good Government when the culprits are let loose while people demanding justice are being arrested, he asked.
During the meet, family members of Ningthoujam Babysana said that they are saddened by the investigation report issued by the police in some local dailies and expressed suspicion regarding the presence of some conspiracy.
Alleging that the report by the police is completely false and unacceptable, Babysana's family members clarified that Babysana was never subjected to any harassment/domestic violence and always stayed happy and jolly.
During the 4-5 years of her stay in the boarding, not a single complaints came from the school authority concerning Babysana, they said.