Procedures for 2021 Census from August 12

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Aug 10: Director of Census Operations (COP) Manipur, M Harekrishna has conveyed that the necessary procedures for the 2021 Census will be taken up from August 12.
Speaking to media persons at his office at Porompat today, the COP Manipur Director continued that the Census will be carried out in two phases in Manipur, with the first phase being house listing and housing census and the second phases being population enumeration.
As per the convenience of the State Government, the first phase will be conducted from April to September next year. The population enumeration will cover all parts of the country, apart from some snowcapped regions of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and will be carried out between February 9 and 28, 2021.
He continued that as a pretest, household survey will be conducted at a total of 20 enumeration blocks, for two subdivisions of Imphal East, from August 12 to September 4 and from September 10 to 29, population count will be conducted for the said blocks.
10 blocks of Porompat (urban) and 10 blocks of Sawombung (rural) will be included in the survey, he explained.
Harekrishna stressed on the importance of the pretest and said that it will determine the feasibility and potential of success when it comes to the census methodology and questionnaires.
Census is the total process of collection, compilation, evaluation, analysis and dissemination of data pertaining to demographic, socioeconomic, migration, fertility, mortality at a specific time or times to all persons in an area or part of an area which is well defined, he explained.
The first census of the country was performed in 1872 and it has been conducted non stop after every 10 years. The country's five year plan, yearly plans and policies all depend on the census, he added.
Pointing out that the census data is also considered an important source for socioeconomic caste census, National population register etc as well, Harekrishna explained that it can also be the basis of the National Register of Citizens.
The COP Manipur Director further conveyed that the census is also the basis for delimitation of Parliamentary/Assembly Constituencies, Panchayats and other local bodies, apart from being of great importance to researchers, businessmen, planners and electoral authorities.
In the past, the census data was collected by the enumerator with paper schedule/questionnaires but now, specific mobiles apps can be used as well.
However, an app need to be downloaded on the mobile numbers given to the enumerator during the household survey and self enumeration is only for the population enumeration, he clarified.
The Director then appealed to all to ensure the success of the census and to cooperate with the enumerator and supervisors properly.