DESAM seeks clarification

IMPHAL, Aug 10 : The Democratic Students' Allian-ce of Manipur (DESAM) has demanded the Director of RIMS to immediately clarify as to why he has not disclosed any details regarding the selection of three MBBS students in RIMS.
A press release issued by the secretary, publicity and propaganda of DESAM stated that there are a total of 15 seats (all India) to study MBBS in RIMS, out of which admission process for 12 seats has been carried out.
However, the Director allegedly kept the admission process of the remaining three seats a secret, alleged DESAM.
It stated that such confidentiality in the admission process has raised suspicion among the general populace on whether the Director is planning to accept admission with money from NEET qualified candidates.
DESAM cautioned that if the Director fails to come clean on the matter, stringent agitation will be taken up against commercialisation of RIMS.
Explaining the admission process, it stated that against the total 15 seats reserved for all India quota, excluding the North East States, the Director General of Health selects candidates from different States of the country, following which a written notification is sent to RIMS for admission. This year, admission for only 12 candidates was done and usually, preference for selection of the remaining seats, is given to beneficiary State.
It alleged that the Director has failed to disclose about the three seats to the State's candidates and added that if the Director fails to come clean then he should resign for the welfare of students and the public.
DESAM claimed that it has enough proof and evidence which show that the Director has been allegedly keeping in touch with guardians of NEET qualified candidates.
It urged the Director to stop such unprofessional activities immediately and questioned why the Director has allegedly kept the three seats vacant as well as his interest in the admission process and his reason for keeping in touch with the guardians of NEET qualified students.
The one-month long MBBS foundation course, started on August 1 and the three seats are lying vacant for 10 days now, it stated, demanding the Director to fill up the seats immediately, through honest procedure.
DESAM threatened to launch intense actions against the Director if the seats are kept vacant or filled up through unethical means.