Mid-Day Meal Scheme workers appeal

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Aug 11: Mid-Day Meal Workers' Union, Manipur on Sunday condemned the Government of providing only Rs 1,000 monthly honorarium considering the services the workers/cooks give to implement the Mid-Day Meal Scheme which provides nutritious food/meal to school children.
Speaking to media persons at Irabot Bhawan, Imphal, the union's president Y Indrani Devi stated that mid-day meal workers are not able to sustain/manage their families' need with the meagre monthly honorarium of Rs 1,000.
Others States have increased the honorarium of the workers. Ponducherry is giving its Mid-Day Meal Scheme workers Rs 14,000 per month. Lakshadweep is providing Rs 7,500 per month, Tamil Nadu- Rs 6,000, Daman and Diu- Rs 3,945, Dadra & Nagar Haveli - Rs 3,945, Chhatishgarh- Rs 3,500, Andhra Pradesh- Rs 3,000, Chandigarh- Rs 2,622, Karnataka- Rs 2,600, she said seeking the attention of the Government to increase the monthly honorarium to State Mid-Day Meal workers.
"The workers are tasked with a mission to cook good nutritious food and feed the children when they are being neglected by the Government," Indrani added.
It may be mentioned that the union has been appealing the Government to increase the monthly honorarium of the workers for months now.