BJP VP decries ‘misinformation’ campaign by Joykisan


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Aug 12: BJP Manipur Pradesh vice-president Jyotin Waikhom has accused Thangmeiband AC MLA Kh Joykisan of misleading the public and fomenting civil unrest by misleading the masses even after knowing that the State Government has already handed the Ningthoujam Babysana case to CBI. 
Speaking to media persons today, Jyotin Waikhom remarked that the mysterious death of Babysana is a very shocking incident for all the people of Manipur.
Special Secretary (Home) Kh Raghumani issued a notification on July 25 whereby the case of Babysana was handed over to CBI.
Even after knowing the case has been handed over to CBI, MLA Joykisan has been misleading the cases by demanding that the same case be handed over to CBI, Jyotin said.
He went on to charge that Joykisan might have some vested interest of his own in the issue.
The case was handed over to CBI and the mortal remains of Babysana were claimed following an understanding between the Government and the JAC after holding several rounds of meeting.
In the midst of the sustained agitation spearheaded by the JAC, one Congress Corporator and a Ward Member have been creating irrelevant issues by wearing the mask of TAKDO and what is TAKDO is known to all the people, Jyotin said.
There were vast differences in the statements issued by TAKDO and statements of meetings convened by the JAC where MLA Joykisan was also present.
After some members of the JAC were arrested by police, the MLA reportedly said that 10 people should court arrest the next day, 20 people and 40 people on the following days, Jyotin said.
Decrying TAKDO’s demand for release of arrested innocent people, Jyotin remarked that such a move is an attempt to bifurcate the JAC.
It would not be right to bifurcate the JAC nor would it be desirable to form JACs by using political workers in personal interest, Jyotin continued.
Saying that only Court has the authority to pronounce whether a man is guilty or not, the BJP vice-president decried that it would not be right to blame the Chief Minister as very step regarding the case of Babysana was taken up in consultation with the JAC.
Appealing to all concerned to give ample time for enquiry, Jyotin reiterated that any attempt to mislead the masses is not desirable.