Protest continues

IMPHAL, Aug 12: Lalambung Takhellambam Leikai Youth Development Organisation (LTYDO), Lalambung Makhong Takhellambam Leikai Meira paibi and Lalambung Makhong Apunba Nupi Lup organised a relay hungerstrike at LTYDO club, Lalambung Takhellambam Leikai, today demanding justice for Ningthoujam Babysana, immediate and unconditional release of the arrested JAC and TUC members.
Speaking to media persons, Lalambung Makhong Semgat Sagatpa Apunba Nupi Lup Maning Leirak secretary Ningthoujam (o) Maibemma said that the relay hungerstrike began from yesterday and demanded the authorities concerned to immediately release TUC assistant secretary cum LTYDO club vice president Elangbam Joykumar as well as the JAC co-convenor Leishangthem Pratap unconditionally.
She also demanded swift justice for Babysana and added that until the authorities work out a solution with the JAC, the relay hungerstrike will continue.
She further explained that Laishram (O) Thagoi Leima, Ngangom (O) Shanti and RK Bina of Lalambung Makhong Takhellambam Leikai started the protest from 9 am yesterday which went on till 8.30 am today.
Maibam (O) Inakhunbi, Maibam (O) Memtombi, Soram (O) Tamphaebema and Ngangbam (O) Memelu replaced them and continued the protest today, she explained, adding that tomorrow, three women will continue the relay hungerstrike.