Senapati Women's Market opened


Our Correspondent
Senapati, Aug 13: The long awaited Women's Market (Apfii Saliki) at Senapati District Headquarters which was inaugurated by Chief Minister N Biren Singh on October 30, 2018 was opened to public today by A Kapani, Chairman, ADC, Senapati.
The opening of the market was held in the presence of John, Hingba, Vice Chairman, ADC, Senapati who also holds the Town Planning, Thaikho Peter, Executive Member (Education), ADC, Senapati, Somorjit Salam, DC Senapati, M Pradip Singh, SP Senapati, Stiff Khapudang, MCS, CEO, ADC, Senapati, members of Town Commission, Senapati and women vendors.
ADC Chairman, A Kapani said that allotment of seats to women vendors was done phase wise with 150 of them in the first phase. The remaining seats will be filled in the second and third phases, he added seeking cooperation all concerned.
Asking people to take care of the premises as their own, the ADC Chairman informed that maintenance of the market will be handled by the ADC, Senapati.
John Hingba, Vice Chairman, ADC, Senapati  assured that all necessary steps will be taken up to accommodate all women vendors.
When asked how they feel about the market, Chairperson of the women vendors P Solomi said that they are overjoyed to have the market opened.