Don’t take sides: Biren to BJP senior workers


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Aug 13: Chief Minister N Biren has categorically appealed to all BJP hardcore members who have dedicated to the party for the past 30/40 years not to take sides when any unpleasant situation breaks out within the party or among BJP legislators.
Speaking at the 128th Patriots’ Day observation at the Canchipur office of BJP Manipur Pradesh today, Biren stated that the veteran party members should stand in the middle, mediate and work out amicable solutions when any discord erupts within the party.
The party should call the sparring parties and reprimand them properly, he said and added that tt’s time for the veteran leaders/members to tell the sparring parties to follow certain discipline if they (sparring parties) wish to remain within the party, asserted the Chief Minister.
Pointing out that BJP achieved its present status in the State after a long, hard struggle, Biren cautioned that the BJP would be ruined in the State if the veteran party members succumb to the pressure tactics of some ‘heroes’ who joined the party only recently.
He then appealed to all the party leaders not to keep faith in the ‘recent heroes’ but ensure that the party does not forfeit the faith of the masses.
Once the people’s faith is lost, it would be hard to regain it, Biren cautioned.
He further expressed keen desire for the party workers to hold a meeting on the Patriot's Day in the absence of BJP legislators and adopt a resolution towards bringing a solution with a clear instruction to all the legislators to work in the interest of the State and the party.
The Chief Minister also appealed to the party’s Mahila wing and Youth wing to work with the conviction that the party cannot afford forfeiting people’s trust in the party.
“It would be better for us to commit suicide if we cannot work for rapid development of the State when the powerful BJP-led Government at the Centre is giving us full power to embark on a journey to take Manipur to greater heights”, Biren said.
Touching on another current but pressing issue, the Chief Minister said that the Rohingyas who were arrested at Imphal airport a few days back look like Manipuris but they don’t speak Manipuris. They were arrested after the authorities were informed by some people that they looked suspicious and did not speak Manipuri.
It is not yet clear at which places of the State Rohingya immigrants are living, if there are any. It is crucial to hold an open convention of all the communities of the State to find out the forces which have been conspiring to reduce the indigenous people of the land to the status of minority, said the Chief Minister. It is essential to identify those people who have been arranging transportation for Rohingyas and giving them shelter inside the State. Otherwise it would not be even 20/30 years before all the indigenous communities are wiped out, asserted the Chief Minister.
The whole State has been suffering extreme misery on account of certain historical blunders committed in 1960-70. The sharp polarisation of hill people and plain people seen today is a result of those historical blunders, he rued while categorically asserting that the present generation should not give any opportunity to commit any such grave mistake.
Underscoring the crucial importance of unity, Biren pointed out it was disunity and power struggle among Manipuri princes which gave birth to the Patriot's Day. 
The Patriot's Day observation was also attended by BJP vice-president Salam Joy, Deputy Speaker K Robindro, MLAs Ksh Biren and Th Satyabrata, among others.