Hebron comes alive to Naga Independence Day


Newmai News Network
DIMAPUR, Aug 14: The NSCN-IM today said today “we are working on for a final touch”. This was stated was made by Rh Raising, convenor of the Steering Committee, the highest decision making body of the NSCN-IM, on the occasion of the 73rd Naga Independence Day at Hebron.
Rh Raising said, “Facing many hurdles and difficulties in the peace talks, we have finally signed the historic Framework Agreement, and accordingly, we are working on a final touch”.
The NSCN-IM leader also said that the talks also focus on the mechanism of “inseparable harmonious interdependent relationship of the two entities (India and the Nagas) and durable peace and progress in the land”. He added that peace in the region is a prelude to the peace of the Indian sub-continent.
According to Rh Raising, the Framework Agreement was arrived at between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India on the basis of the ‘unique history of the Nagas’.
“Understanding the reality of the uniqueness of Naga history, the Government of India recognises the sovereignty of the Nagas stating, ‘sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people,” Rh Raising said. According to the NSCN-IM leader, the Framework Agreement also says, “Co-existence of the two entities (India and the Nagas)”.
The NSCN-IM leader said, “We have been looking for a lasting honourable solution that will guarantee the rights of the Nagas and security of India”.
Earlier, addressing the occasion as chief guest, NSCN-IM chairman, Q Tuccu said that, Nagas, wherever they are, are one and they shall move forward to resolve the Indo-Naga political issue honourably respecting their unique history. “They shall stand true to the end, come what may, till an honourable solution is arrived at,” he asserted.
The NSCN-IM chairman said that, Nagas are fully convinced by the Naga “National decision” of their forefathers and they “shall leave no stone unturned to uphold it and they shall not accept any divisive forces who are trying to deviate and destroy the decision of the Naga people”.
Q Tuccu said that, 72 years ago, “on this historic day, August 14, 1947, our fathers declared Naga National independence”. He said that it is the spirit of the August 14 and the subsequent 1951 Plebiscite that “united all Nagas wherever they are”. He added that this “National decision has gloriously guided the Naga people thus far.”
Leaders of the Naga Hoho, Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), Naga Mothers’ Assciation (NMA), Eastern Naga People’s Organisation (ENPO) and several other organization representatives spoke on the occasion.
Cultural dances and folk songs also marked the occasion.