Protest erupts at JNIMS over woman's death


IMPHAL, Aug 14: Irate family members and locals created a scene at JNIMS today after a woman, who had safely delivered a baby girl at the same hospital on July 10 but stayed further at the hospital for treatment after her condition deteriorated, passed away today morning.
Not long after the woman perished, a large mob attempted to storm JNIMS at around 8 am. To prevent the people from advancing any further, police closed down the main gate of the hospital and  fired several rounds of tear gas shells as well as lathi charged the mob to bring the situation under control.
Around 8 people were injured during the incident.
According to a reliable source, the family members of the deceased woman, identified as (L) Wakambam Devita (24) w/o W Naoba of Sekta Makha Leikai (Lamlai Kendra), claimed that on June 8, she was admitted to JNIMS for the delivery of her second child and June 12 was fixed for the necessary operation and necessary medications were administered to her for the process.
However, the family members were told that the operation will not be possible on the earlier fixed date and that it will have to wait. When the concerned family members asked the nurses if the previously administered drugs/medicines will result in any side effects/complications, they told them that everything would be alright.
The family members claimed that based on the assurance, they returned home with the patient.
Then, on July 8, Devita was admitted to the hospital again and on July 10, an operation was performed and she delivered a healthy baby girl, the family conveyed, adding that after the child birth, complications arose and Devita had to be rushed to the ICU.
The doctors told the family that her kidneys had failed and Devita had to undergo various treatments including dialysis.
After her condition improved, Devita was transferred to the ward and necessary treatments continued. However, after some time, she began to vomit and as such she had to be rushed to the ICU again. Back then, the doctors claimed that her lungs were not functioning properly, the family members claimed.
Alleging that Devita perished due to the negligence of the doctors and staff of the hospital, the irate family members conveyed that a JAC has been formed in connection with the death.