Population - A National asset

 Kajal Chatterjee
Contd from previous issue
And obviously with no job security also. Not to forget they have to part with significant percentage of their meagre remuneration to their recruitment agents also(perhaps these pimps are the only sector to laugh all the way to bank today)!  So previously new recruits in permanent jobs used to start new innings of life by entering into matrimonial bonds after few years; but how many hapless contractual employees can dare to venture in that path! Has this "novel methodology" of contractual employment been adopted to put a break on "population explosion"!
Thus we are witnessing how despite bounty of potential jobs, despite gold mine of able-bodied huge population who can perform the jobs with ease rendering smooth brilliant service to the society be it as peon nurse teacher or judge; we are saddled with ever growing army of unemployed under-employed exploited personnel with no ray of hope in future. With loss of job or shrinkage in income of even an individual, his/her spouse parents or children also suffer. So one can easily imagine how many billions are suffering directly or indirectly  in the country due to such shrinkage in job market. In contrast no problem in funds to sponsor religious shrines, festivals, Mass Yoga, Mars Mission, statues, luxurious trains or purchase of ordinary players in astronomical prices! All funds simply extinguish when it comes to recruit personnel, pay salary or pension to them! It is high time instead of taking refuge in the jargon of "population explosion" so as to escape away from their responsibilities and hide their failures in creating jobs or economic opportunities for the youth, the concerned individuals or authorities should accord time to visualise how can this invaluable asset be turned towards positive constructive action both for the sake of the individuals, their families and the country. If retrenchment is followed, even the children of the hapless job losers will have to forsake education and either starve beg or enter the ruthless exploitative market of child labour. If more job openings will be created along with filling up of all vacancies in all sectors; our borders can be protected with more vigilance, our medical centres can provide better service, our educational sector can ensure better teaching, policing in society can be more stringent, people would have more money in their pockets, their children can get highly educated, increase in purchasing power will increase demand thereby providing that much needed boost to economy and economic inequality will also decrease with all-round prosperity. China to USA have brilliantly used its population strength in Olympic sports always ranking in top grade. More well harnessed population translate to more doctors technocrats scientists artists earning reputation for the country and contributing to the welfare of the international community.   Now which path would the concerned authorities adopt is their prerogative, but this excuse of "population explosion" must stop immediately. And last but not the least. Judging one's patriotism by his/her number of children is nothing but highly objectionable and distasteful. Is there any law that exceeding particular number of children is illegal? Reproduction is a matter of absolutely personal domain in the life  of the individual or couples. It is highly bizarre to suggest that a criminal with a single child is a "patriot" while an honest upright citizen with say 3 children is "unpatriot"! And those who moan about "population explosion" should remember that their sheer presence itself bears proof of their "indirect contribution" behind that very "explosion" and so there lies nothing to remain "upright" revolving this sensitive issue!
The writer is based in Kolkata