Dead men or dead girls tell no tale:Conspiracy theories

Dead men or dead girls tell no tale. It is this which has led to the present uproar over the death of N Babysana, who was found hung to death under mysterious circumstances in her dormitory on July 18. So while conspiracy theories fly thick and fast with two post mortems being conducted to assuage the suspicion and hurt feelings of the people and the JAC in particular, there just does not seem to be a meeting point between the incensed people and the State Government. Nothing proven so far but such is the degree of suspicion that already many have started pointing their fingers at the Principal of the said school and significantly the said Principal is presently under judicial custody. Significant to note too that the State Government has reportedly written to the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) to hand over the case to the CBI  and this may be taken to mean that the State Government has at least walked some part of the distance to meet the demand of the JAC and get to the bottom of the matter. Here it is however important to note that the State Government cannot rest easy that it has written to the DoPT to hand the case over to the CBI. With a friendly Government at the Centre, it is only expected of the BJP led Government at Imphal to up the ante and pile the pressure on the Central Government to get the CBI to accept the case and start its investigation. Time lost could mean a lot to unearthing the facts and this is something which Chief Minister N Biren should not overlook.
Apart from writing to the DoPT to let the CBI take over the case, what steps has the State Government taken to ensure that the Central agency gets down to the business of investigating the case as soon as possible? Remember the suspicion of the people became aroused due to the turn of events on the day Babysana was found hung to death. Difficult it is to believe that a child studying in Class VII could have harboured the thought of taking her own life and again remember Babysana was found hung to death inside her dormitory where there were other boarders as well. Can one hang oneself to death without disturbing the person sleeping just on the next bed ? Anyone who knows something of how beds are arranged in a dormitory will get an idea of the point that is sought to be made here. Moreover what was the state or rather demeanour of the young girl child the night before lights were switched off in the dormitory ? To be sure anyone contemplating suicide would have acted in a manner not associated with him or her earlier. Or was it a decision taken in the dead of the night, on the spur ? These are the different angles that may be studied to understand the deep sense of grievances felt by members of the JAC and this should be acknowledged. Many who took to the streets earlier to protest the death of the child are not trouble makers. Home makers, working women and mothers and wives they all are and it is here that law enforcing agencies too should understand or try to understand why people came out on the streets to protest and demand the attention of the Government.