The rhythms of my thoughts

Blamed on something gone – something I thought I was the responsible driver, something I thought happened just because of me. We are stations from the other perspective for some stays just to leave us. Not all problems are hurdles for that shake you to keep just the finest with you, not all worries are bad memories for some leaves you with the best lesson. Purely said by many – you know a person only at its tightest days – yes, that’s the story you and I should never forget. Losing in my own galaxy of thoughts – I was doored with questions, and here are my cloudy thoughts. 
At some point in someone’s life, a slogan stays in common for all, “You can’t make it.” For those who trust that statement stays as an average, and those who take that as a joke crosses it making that joke a key for his inspiring stories. I have had many who are stuck believing that they are what the rest says covering the purest voice from inside. To those – let me offer this – you are what you want.
The cliff of a mountain can never be a best place for a perfect view if you are not a good swimmer. Your trust in your capability can really change many horrifying views into breath taking angles. All you have to do is keep believing in what you do for no one will be there when you need them the most.
You have heard many talks about living in the moment, today I will break it to the simplest – living in the moment is not about ignoring the past or the future it’s just making the best out of what’s under your control. If you have this living in the moment mantra – what you call tomorrow hatches into today, you will make your today amazing which was tomorrow for yesterday.
I do understand that, when you want to live in the moment, you need a peace of mind. Living with peace have been wrongly translated my many over times – pulling in the concept of a lonely place is one of the most seen. Peace is not a gift for the lonely quiet place, but it is the treatment you receive because of the acceptance of the environment you live in. Even the busiest road can be seen with peace if you sip in the noisy flavour deep in your soul making your senses accept the vibration to avoid foreign feelings.
When you accept this, it’s easier to fall in love too. And don’t get me wrong with all the “Love-love” going on the social media. Love is not about doing anything on the person but for the person. If you understand this, there won’t be any jealousy – only contentment and happiness.
And to always keep in mind, ladders and hurdles are of the same thing, just that hurdles are not user friendly; both takes you to the higher platform. So, it’s meant to be stepped on not sleep under. Therefore, from now on, if you see any hurdle or problems, get you right leg up for they are just the foundations for your stairs.
If you can dream, you can hope – if you can hope then you can believe it, if you believe your dream – you will want to try it, if you try – you will be able to take all the problems. And most importantly, if you can take it then you can make it.
But what’s fun if we are just the one enjoying the success, for we live in a society. He who smiles might not be happy inside, but he can create inner happiness to all the people around him. You don’t need a million dollar to make someone’s day special, it’s just a smile that’s required.
And remember to never feel shy for saying sorry for it never mean that you are lower than before, but you are clear about the path your life is taking.
Even with all this positivity, you will still have haters. So, next time when you see your hatter on the road, just stop-by and say, “Wow! Sakka yamna fajarammey ko,” it kills them. For there is a million-dollar saying, “if you want to be rude with your hater then give them your ultimate love for it burns them.”
The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @Live With Bir