TSA submits memoranda

IMPHAL, Sep 10
Thadou Students Association has submitted memoranda to Chief Minister asking for 'rectification  of protocol in the office of Directorate of Tribal Affairs and Hills (TAH)' and 'rectification of statute in the office of Director of Education (S), said a statement of the association yesterday.
Claiming that a 'junior most Deputy Director was appointed as the Joint Director of the Directorate of Tribal Affairs and Hills, TSA in its memorandum alleged that the Government has breached its own order dated 24th December, 2011 by an order on 29th August 2019.
"We are strongly against this breach of power by the administrative department," said TSA stating that Joint Director - Kaikho Mao  should not be 'victimised' and 'any charge levelled against him should be dealt 'officially, through proper channel'. TSA will not remain a mute spectator if order dated August 29 is not revoked before 14th September, 2019, said the memorandum.
TSA in another memorandum condemned the Director Education (S) for issuing a "contradictory" order on January 12, 2018 regarding allocation of works in the Directorate.
Stating that Additional Director (Hills) and Additional Director (Valley) are the heads of departments for schools in their respective jurisdictions as per Manipur extraordinary Gazette published on July 11, 2016, TSA said that the 'failure' to conform with the extraordinary Gazette pertaining to allocation of works to the Additional Director (Hills) in matters of transfer and posting is one prominent reason behind the 'collapse' of Govt educational institutes in the hill districts.
TSA appealed the Government to revoke the order dated January 12, 2018 before September 14.