Rajasthan truck driver fined Rs 1.41 lakh in Delhi for overloading

DELHI, Sep 11: A Rajasthan man was fined Rs 1.41 lakh for violating several traffic rules under the amended Motor Vehicle Act in Delhi on September 5. The truck was seized and released by Delhi court on Tuesday after payment of penalties, according to the truck driver.
Bikaner’s Harman Ram Bhambhu, owner of a truck (No. RJ07GD0237), was fined for overloading and violation of registration certificate and permit rules. “My driver was fined on September 5 in Delhi when he went to deliver silica sand to a costumer,” he said. “It took us five days to arrange the money and we made the payment on September 9 after which the vehicle was released.”
Earlier, a truck driver of Odisha’s Sambalpur district was fined a whopping Rs 86,500 for violating several traffic rules on September 3.
Bhambhu, who lives in Thakuriasar village of Shridungargarh tehsil, said the traffic authorities penalised his driver Rs 20,000 for first one tonne, and Rs 2,000 for every additional tonne, making it Rs 48,000; and Rs 10,000 each for RC and permit violations. This made it Rs 70,800. The owner was also fined the same amount, making a total of Rs 1,41,600.              Hindustan Times