Controversial death of housewife Rope in CBI, JAC demands

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 10: The JAC formed in connection with the death of Chungamliu Riamei has demanded the State Government to hand over the case to the CBI as well to adequately compensate the people who were injured due to use of force by the police while taking part in a protest demanding justice for the deceased.
Speaking to media persons at Thangmeiband Tarung community hall today, the JAC convenor Panti Golmei said that it has been learned that during the two years of marriage, the husband, Konjengbam Jackson, repeatedly beat and harassed Chungamliu.
She alleged that Chungamliu Riamei was found dead at her husband's residence at Moirang Panshang Leikai on August 17 and a day before the incident, she and her husband were involved in a heated argument regarding the loss of a golden ring.
On that day, Jackson left home following the fight but he returned home after Chungamliu repeatedly pleaded with him to come home. Then, Chungamliu was found dead under mysterious circumstances at around 6 pm that day, Panti claimed.
Reasoning that Chungamliu could not have hung herself with a cloth from the bars of the bed, the JAC convenor demanded the Government to hand over the case to the CBI for swift investigation and to award befitting punishment to those responsible for the death.
Panti Golmei continued that the JAC organised a peaceful protest rally on August 22 condemning the death.
However, the rally which began from Tarung, was stopped near Fishery Gate, Sinam Leikai after police fired tear gas shells and mock bombs towards the protesters.
Many people sustained injuries during the chaos and currently, 15 individuals are undergoing treatment at the hospital, Panti said, adding that three of the said individuals might even become handicapped for the rest of their lives due to the seriousness of their injuries.
Demanding the Government to compensate the injured people accordingly, the JAC convenor warned that if the Government fails to fulfil the demands within September 20, then the JAC will launch intense agitation.