Significance of Sept 11 to TSE: Responsibilities at 20

September 11 is important to The Sangai Express. It was on this day back in 1999 that the first edition of The Sangai Express hit the news stand and it has been a fascinating journey down the years. There have been changes, but changes all for the betterment of the readers and from a six paged newspaper today it comes in 12 pages and the icing on the cake is all the 12 pages come in multi-colour, making it the first newspaper in Manipur to do so. In the life-span of a newspaper, 20 years is not a long period and one simply cannot count a newspaper on the basis of the years it has been in circulation, but on the impact it has made on the readers and the changes it has brought about, however small it may be. In the years that it has been in circulation, The Sangai Express has tried to walk with the people, understand their likes and dislikes, live up to their expectations and respect the aspirations of the readers and well wishers. It is in keeping up with the times that efforts have been made to toe with the changing social and political needs of the time and it is in line with this that The Sangai Express has gone ahead and adopted 14 Sangais at the second home of the Sangai, as part of its corporate social responsibility. Again it is on this basis that all the needed encouragements were extended to a young man, Ji Ingobi who had his eyes set on touring the South East Asian countries on a bi-cycle and attend a World Youth Meet at Singapore.
20 years of being in circulation and one guiding principle in the increasing reach and ‘influence’ has been to abide by a sense of responsibility towards society and this is the very reason why assistance was extended to rape survivors some time back. Again it is this principle which drove the establishment to bear the annual incentives of two tourist guides posted at Keibul Lamjao National Park and provide boots, rain coats and other basic needs to the other tourist guides at the said National Park. And when one talks about Manipur, one simply cannot afford to overlook the immense potential of the sportspersons and this is what guided The Sangai Express to extend financial assistance to budding sportspersons and co-sponsor Tiddim Road Athletics Union (TRAU). Twenty years at the top and this has given more impetus to the sense of giving something back to society under the philosophy of corporate social responsibility and it is this very reason why the 20th foundation day of The Sangai Express was marked by a tree plantation drive inside Kangla on September 11. The co-operation extended by the Department of Environment and Climate Change to the tree planting exercise is duly noted for if it were not for their co-operation, the drive could well have not materialised. All these would not have been possible without the continued support of the readers, the patrons and the well wishers of The Sangai Express and it is this which propel us to better ourselves everyday.