JCILPS rolls out steps to regulate influx


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 11 : With a view to regulate the influx of migrants into the State until the President okays the Manipur People Bill 2018, JCILPS will soon be forming certain rules and regulations to prevent entry of such individuals into the State by showing only their Aadhaar cards or voter cards, apart from formulating a task force to take up necessary security measures.
This was declared by the newly appointed convenor of Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) YK Dhiren during a press meet held at JCILPS office at Sega Road Konjeng Hazari Leikai today.
Dhiren continued that the temporary regulations will focus on certain aspects like possession of relevant documents issued by the authority concerned regarding past criminal records and work-related papers (under Inter-State Migrant Workmen Regulation Act 1979) if the outside individual claims to be a labourer.
Maintaining that the President has not given assent to the Manipur People Bill 2018, which was passed in the State Legislative Assembly on July 23 last year, Dhiren stated that the Central Government has failed to consider the feelings of the people and the leaders of this State by ignoring the Bill.
The India Government still turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the issue of rapid influx of migrants in the State which has threatened the survival of the indigenous people and their culture, Dhiren remarked.
As such JCILPS and the people of the State strongly condemn such prolonged negligence, he added.
Dhiren continued that the leaders of the State have also not proved to be helpful to the people as they make verbal promises like pressuring the president for content, updating State's NRC and establishment of Manipur Population Commission only once in a while when the people and JCILPS begin to protest.
However, none of the promises have been fulfilled till date, he added.
Maintaining that what JCILPS, CSOs, student community and the public are fighting for also involves the State's MLAs and Minister as well, Dhiren appealed to all the legislators to genuinely face the issue with a political will for the interest of the indigenous people and the integrity of the Sate.
Conveying that the people and CSOs in the State are feeling extremely apprehensive as over 19 lakh people, who are not included in the Assam's NRC list, are likely to pour into the neighbouring States including Manipur, Dhiren asserted that JCILPS's soon-to-be formed  regulations will keep a check on passage/entry of any individual who are not natives of the State until the President gives assent to the Manipur People Bill 2018.
Under this regulation, any immigrant will be required to furnish documents (excluding Aadhaar card and voter card), issued by the authority concerned which shows that the individual has not been charged under any crime and they will also need to possess necessary papers and follow the criteria of a labourer under Inter-Sate Migrant Workmen Regulation Act 1979.
He went on to inform that task forces will also be formed under JCILPS to ensure smooth functioning of the said rules.
Highlighting the importance of disseminating awareness to the people regarding the prevailing situation of immigrants' influx and its effect in the State, Dhiren informed that JCILPS along with CSOs are set to organise a mega campaign in the near future.
The other newly appointed members of JCILPS are  Kh Chingkhei, Laishram Shyam Khuman and Brojendro Naorem as co convenors, Md Kheiruddin Shah as co-convenor (Minority) and Haopu Kom co-convenor (Hill Affairs) among others.