Every child will be taught Hindi in NE: Amit Shah

New Delhi, Sep 14
Emphasising on the ability of Hindi to bring entire India together, Home minister Amit Shah on Saturday said that it is extremely important for a country to have a com-mon language that becomes the mark of its identity in the world.
Later, at an event in New Delhi, the Home Ministry further said that every child will be taught Hindi in north eastern part of India.
Pitching for 'one nation, one language' on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, Shah said, "India is a country of different languages and every language has its own importance but it is necessary to have a common language that becomes the mark of identity of the country. Today, if a language can keep the country united, it is the widely-spoken Hindi language."
He further appealed the people to use Hindi more often, and contribute in fulfilling the dream of Maha- tma Gandhi and Sardar Patel of 'one nation, one language'
In June, the Draft New Educational Policy 2019 had created an uproar, especially in the southern states, after a clause recommended mandatory Hindi teaching in all schools.
After the release of Union government's original draft, all Opposition parties in Tamil Nadu blasted the recommendations, and even the BJP's ally AIADMK refused to dilute the State's two language formula.
Protests were also seen  in West Bengal, Maharash-tra and Karnataka. The Cen- tre went into damage control mode later, with senior Cabinet ministers tweeting reassurances that Hindi would not be imposed without further consultations. Finally, the revised draft was uploaded by the Human Resource Development Ministry. News 18