iKON 4th anniversary: Indian iKONIC

On this very day, 4 years ago, 15th September, 2015 South Korean boyband iKON debuted under YG Entertainment Music Company.Comprising of seven members: B.I. (Leader), Jay, Bobby, June, Song, Dk and Chan, they areone of the most popular and successful boybandsnot only in South Korea but around the world. iKON have inspired and won the hearts of many and still continue to do so with soulful delivery of beautifully written songs.
The band derives its name from the word “icon”, letter “c” being replaced with a “k,” with the intention to spread k-pop culture worldwide. Moreover, the slashes on iKON’s logo stands for the stripes on the Korean flag representing sky, moon, sun& land.
The group was first introduced in the reality survival program WIN: Who is Next as Team B. After that, Team B went on to appear in the 2014 reality survival program Mix & Match, which determined the final seven-member line-up: Kim Hanbin (BI), Kim Jinhwan (Jay), Kim Jiwon (Bobby), Koo Junhoe(June), Song Yunhyeong(Song), Kim Donghyuk(Dk) and Jung Chanwoo(Chan) with the Fandom Name asiKONIC.
iKON proudly call themselves “self-composing idols” with B.I. being the main producer of all their releases which include two studio Albums, Welcome Back (2015) and Return (2018)two EP, one compilation album, one live album, one single album and eleven singles.2018’s anthem, “Love Scenario” which has a number of accolades under its belt including, Platinum certification in both stream (100) and download categories on GOAN CHART, topping GAON digital chart (6 weeks), only song in history to achieve 204 hourly Perfect All Kills(PAK), where a song is number one on all charts for a certain amount of time.
B.I also earned the “Songwriter of the Year award”through Love Scenario at the 10TH MELON MUSIC AWARDS. Being the only idol group to win “Record production of the year” at the 8th Gaon chart Music Awards affirms their versatility as true performing artists.
Renowned for their effortless stage presence, their concerts are a whole affair in themselves, of bursting energy, friendly banter catering to all age groups from toddlers to senior citizen. The almost childlike bonding with the fans, fierce loyalty and transparency make them stand out in the crowd.
On this special day, we IndianiKONIC would like wish for a many more success, good luck and joy.
May the brotherhood amongst these men last long and continue to be our pride! We humbly invite you to visit our country.
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