Teacher’s role in National reconstruction

 Prof Milind S Marathe
Contd from previous issue
Role 6:- Initiating character building of students at individual level and generating strong campaign for cleansing of public life
It is a very important role of a teacher as a man making role. Teacher has to shape individual personality of young students with sense of belonging towards the society, thrust on character building, saving them from the crisis of loss of purpose. Making them aware about the value of family as an institution and importance of relations. Developing commitment about minimizing the gap between our preaching and practice. Service toward needy should be imbibed in individuals. Promoting respect to work culture and characteristics like honesty, transparency, hardworking and entrepreneurship. Initiating fearless agitation against anti- social, anti-national, corrupt people and breaking india forces spreading and adopting violence for furthering their causes. Initiating campaign for cleansing the public life from corruption, duplicity, chicanery, sycophancy.
Role 7:- Worship of knowledge and power of discrimination:-
Imbibe among the students strong sense of worship for knowledge and wisdom attained from power of discrimination and  habit of continuous study from your own example. Let them know that “More he read, more he will know how less he knows”  By performing above mentioned roles, a teacher can be a friend, philosopher and guide for hundreds of young students and can channelize their energy and activism as social critic, social deterrent and social watch dog. Students can be prepared to best shoulder these responsibilities by remaining above the confines of partisan politics. If thousands and thousands of teachers perform this role with lifelong commitment then  Bharat will be transformed in to a strong, prosperous, modern, scientific and confident nation occupying her rightful place in the global community.
The writer is former National President and present special invitee of National Executve Council of ABVP and can be reached at [email protected]