Alexa is learning Hindi

Free Thinker
Amit Shahji  said if we are to learn a second language we should learn Hindi. It is always beneficial to learn more number of languages ; it is not about knowledge but also about better survival. Without proper communication and interaction with others we can’t progress.
 English is spoken by 372 millions, Mandarin Chinese is spoken by a billion people; Spanish is spoken by nearly 437 million people; Arabic is spoken by about 295 million people. And Hindi is spoken by 260 million people; our Manipuri is spoken by about 2 million. If you want to do business (not in economic terms alone) with the world do we know what to learn and unlearn?
A major chunk of modern human information is buried in these major languages. At the same time business transactions are done worldwide through these major languages. If we learn these languages we will be able to access the knowledge world and the world of prosperity.
Alexa (Artificial  Intelligence) the Amazon product, has already learnt 15 languages of the world. Now she is learning Hindi on a fast pace. Many are teaching Alexa new expressions and phrases of Hindi using Cleo skill.
In a few years from now Artificial Intelligence like Alexa will be able to speak many languages flawlessly; and at the same time they will be able to translate from one language to another. The technology is almost there in the researcher’s realm but a perfect product may take some more time.
If Modiji speaks in Hindi, Trumph ji will be able to listen in English and vice versa –  AI technology will do simultaneous translation; no human intervention shall be required. In the recent Discovery program  Man vs Wild ,  the participants spoke in different languages – they communicated well  through the ear phones; some Sophia/Alexa might have done the needful or by a human interpreter/translator.
After all, what is in a language? Is it simply for communication? If we attach so many things to language, it becomes complicated.  If you politicize it, the matter becomes all the more complicated and sometimes it creates a great schism among the people.
If you learn more languages your brain functions better; it is scientifically proven. Some experts say children must be encouraged to learn more languages in addition to their mother tongue. Shri Narasimha Rao the then prime Minister of India knew 16 languages and he could speak 5/6 languages fluently.
According to 1911 census Manipuri language is spoken only by 0.15% of the total population of this country. Hindi is spoken by 43.63% of the population; Bengali speakers are about 8.03%, Marathi speakers constitute 6.86%; Tamil is spoken by nearly 5.7 %, Gujarati 4.58 %; Urdu 4.19%, ; Telugu is spoken by 6.7% of the entire population. The number of Sanskrit speakers is negligible. We require a lingua franca or a technology to communicate among ourselves – Mix-language or Alexa . Till then the 3 language formula holds good – Mother-tongue, English and Hindi (learn all 3).
If we talk about the oldest recorded language of this subcontinent is the language spoken by the Harappans or the Indus Valley people. It was certainly a pre-Sanskrit/Pali/Pakrit  language . Some 3000 years ago people had a civilization along the Indo-Pak borders; they had well-planned cities. They inscribed on the seals; a script, which is yet to be deciphered. Hindi came much later. But we can’t ignore the importance of Hindi. Nearly half of the population of this country speaks Hindi.
If we want to progress and prosper in this globalized world we should learn more number of languages in addition to our own mother-tongue.
For us we need to learn English, Hindi, Burmese, Korean, Mandarin , Thai etc. for our present needs. Artificial Intelligence like Alexa and Sophia won’t be able to deliver good in the immediate future. So let us master more languages for our own expansion and development –in intellectual and economic terms.
For learning a new language one may start with the abusive jargon.