It’s alright...everything will be okay. You just think too much

 Joyce Paveine
Contd from previous issue
“How can a family be the solution, when the family doesn’t support or hear me out?” Was her response every time someone tries to embolden her. 
This ascertaining accuracy relatively determines a concept that while other people see one’s capabilities, family sees competition. As a result to this, when a depressed person tries to talk about problems or about situation that disturbs them to their families,  they were rejected and were silenced instead saying ‘it’s normal’ and when something( death could be the worst that could result to it) happens, they blame him or her for not opening up to them.
We can never understand what is happening inside the mind of a depressed person neither can we make out if one is depressed because all they felt was a tough world made even tougher by the family or society they live in, which in turn except them to be efficient robots in order to survive. Stress can make depression worse.
One important aspect that one can prevent unwanted deaths(as such of a depressed person) is to give a helping hand by talking and initiating with them even in small matters making sure we give enough comforts for them to share their inconveniences, to open a space where they can be comforted so that they can shelter their thoughts in. Because we must all understand that we, humans were never designed for the sedentary, indoor socially isolated, fast food-laden, sleep-deprived, frenzied pace of modern life but we were rather designed to delve into the lavishly laden beauty of nature within the magnificent extravagance of human birth.
Depression is just not sadness as many confused it to be, it is more of a deep feeling of nihilism,  lack of energy where one tends to overeat or eat nothing (loss of appetite or eating disorder), trying to hold on a thread to survive where nothing seems to matter or motivate neither stimulates them. We should be aware that depression is a diagnosable condition that is classified as a mood disorder and can bring about long-lasting symptoms such as overwhelming sadness, fatigues, and loss of interest in things that used to give them pleasure. It is a mental disturbance where one faces existential crisis, for example, one with depression would not want to be around people or be social yet they do not want to be alone, they don’t want to do anything but they don’t want to stay doing anything, they would not want to die yet they don’t want to live either. When in the end they chose to be alone in their own comfort zone fighting a battle of inconveniences and doubts where no one would ask any questions because how can one fight with something when it is the thing that they’re using it to fight with?
It is without a doubt that a lot of people who are deeply depressed or discouraged have difficulty and complication realizing that their life will eventually get better one day.
It can be from a scientific breakthrough involving treatment, medication and therapy for their condition or by simply by being their new friend.
This is for the people who are fighting a battle inside of you, if you are reading this, you are not alone, you can talk about suicide if that makes you feel better, we can recover from feelings of depression and pain because we are made in such a way where we can fight depressive emotion which is never permanent.  You would feel the angst to stop existing, but you can’t do that without dying but you don’t really want to do that either because the worst about death is knowing that you’ll make the people(even the least two-three) who loves you suffer permanently leaving them more depressed.
It is never too late to start loving the things around you, never too late to cultivate your interest even in the smallest thing, watching the setting sun, watching the sun taking it’s round, feeling the wind closely brushing your face, listening to the birds, listening to Chopin, reading masterpieces, writing out your thoughts, because the Pen is mightier than the Sword.
The feelings of pleasure and happiness will find a route back and when they do – you’ll be glad you were strong enough to continue living.
There are a lot of people who can help you and is ready to listen to you because what matters is a listening ear and not just hearing it.
It is okay to not be okay sometimes because we are all humans with a purpose to be happier tomorrow and in hopes that the feeling of pain will one day be buried away amongst the many defined ways to survive if we never give up pursuing happiness.
Holding on to your emotion while trying to remain positive extending and offering your time to other people happiness though you are afflicted and mentally disturbed can never be the best way to reward your mind and body. Words come easily unless those words are spoken from experience, from understanding because telling someone
 “ it’s okay” when they are totally not fine is like telling a caged bird that it is free to do whatever it likes inside a cage.
The writer is a student of Manipur University, Department of English and Cultural Studies.