Book release function held at Toupokpi village

Chandel, Sep 28
A story booklet titled as “Pano Chapa Hrangbungte Pabing Pemin Vol-I” was released in a function held at Toupokpi village under Chakpikarong sub-division in Chandel district on Friday.
The Booklet written in Anal dialect described the origin, pedigree, genealogical accounts and migration of Pano Chapa Hrangbungte  (a sub clan of Anal Naga tribe).
12 different authors have lent their articles in the present edition published by Pano Chapa Hrangbungte Chandel, Manipur (PCHT) and compiled by PCHT president HB Hmunkhel and Secretary Reverend Hb Thumthung.
Former Executive secretary of Anal Naga Baptist Association, Rev Hb Chumnal who attended the function as Administrator, blessed the book with dedication and released.
Hundreds of invitees including Bunghliim president Hb Anglen and Bungdon president Bd Joyson attended the function.
In his speech, Rev Hb Chumnal pleaded for faithfulness, honesty, sincerity and obedience to the command of God.
President of Pano Chapa Hrangbungte Chandel Manipur,  Hb Hmunkhel, in his keynote address, said even though there are lots of space for improvement in the book released today, it’s a dream come true and a joy for a small sub clan of among Anal Tribe like Hrangbungte to have their own written book of account showing their historical origin, pedigree, migration and their relation with their fellow clan. He hoped that the book will be of great help to the younger generation.
Pastor of Toupokpi Baptist Church, Hb Livingstone, who is also a co-author of the book, not only hosted the releasing function including food and logistical expenses but also presented traditional shawls to about 20 elders attending the function.
He also extended a cash of Rs 20,000 to the executives of PCHT for helping 20 poorest of the poor families.
Few elder shared their experienced and enlightened the participants.