Diesel autos operate sans registration


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 28: A large number of unregistered diesel autos have been operating in Senapati district right in front of concerned authorities.
Diesel autos started carrying passengers at Senapati district headquarters about a year back. With more and more unemployed youth taking up the profession of public transportation for their livelihood, it is estimated that around 500 diesel autos are now operating in Senapati district.      
But the number of autos which have been registered for passenger service and the number of drivers who possess necessary documents are very limited.
A random survey conducted by The Sangai Express at Senapati district headquarters revealed that most of the diesel autos have no registration numbers. Diesel autos which have registration numbers were very few.
The diesel autos are painted with the words SPT KB, SPT KA, SPT MA or SPT MB together with a numerical figure of either one or two digit(s).
Meanwhile, one official informed that registration is mandatory for all newly purchased diesel autos. At the time of registration, each owner should pay Rs 12,500 as one-time tax and pollution fee. Calculated at this rate, the total amount which should accrue to the Government exchequer for registration of 500 diesel autos is Rs 62,50,000.
By staying away from all these mandatory processes, diesel auto drivers/owners have been violating the Motor Vehicles Act. Police and the concerned department need to take up corrective measures on the matter, said the official.
Moreover, each owner/driver should join an insurance policy at the time of registration.
Operating public transport service without insur- ance cover for the vehicles is also illegal.
However, the situation is totally contradictory at Imphal. Concerned authorities always promptly pull up diesel auto drivers/owners who do not possess all the necessary documents.
Almost all the passenger diesel autos operating in Senapati district do not have the high security number plate. High security number plates should be provided by dealers at the time of registration, the official added.