Position holder cries foul play

IMPHAL, Sep 28: Huiningshumbam Sanahan Meitei of Hiyanglam Makha Leikai, who claimed the first position of a National Level Painting Competition which was jointly organized by Manipur State Council for Child Welfare (MSCCW) and Indian Council for Child Welfare, New Delhi, has expressed suspicion of foul play in the award presentation of the said competion.
He alleged that his name was listed as the first position holder of the said competition through print media and he was even informed that the award will be handed over to him by the President of India at Rastrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.
Addressing a press meet held at Manipur Press Club today, Sanahan informed that he had participated in a National level painting competition which was jointly organized by (MSCCW) and Indian Council for Child Welfare, New Delhi on September 25, 2016.
Further conveying that the State level category of the National Painting competion was held at the office of MSCCW at Moirangkhom, he said that paintings of the first top three positions of the State level category had been sent to Indian Council for Child Welfare, New Delhi for further selecting the top three positions for the National level painting competion.
Claiming that he bagged the 3rd position holder in the State level category at the State level competition, he maintained that the result of the National level painting competition was declared in October 2017 and a newspaper carried the information wherein he was named as the first position holder in the National level category.
The newspaper report also informed that the President of India will confer the award at Rashtrapati Bahwan, he added.
Sanahal went on to convey that he was asked to wait for the update from Indian Council for Child Welfare when he visited the office of MSCCW.
The MSCCW staffs never informed him about the exact date on which the award would be conferred but kept on asking him to wait for the update from the Indian Council for Child Welfare.
They even claimed that the award presentation was delayed due to fund constraint.
The MSCCW then informed him to come on July 16 this year at its office at Moirangkhom to take the award. However, when Sanahan went to collect the award from the MSCCW office on the said day, he was given only a memento and a certificate, he continued.
Claiming that the certificate and memento had many spelling mistakes, including his name, Sanahan raise suspicion of foul play in the award presentation.
He then drew the attention of the Government authorities, CSOs and public towards the matter, saying that such acts have dejected him and the same thing could happen to anyone in the future.
When asked about the value of the award of the National Level Painting competion, he replied that the MSCCW in the past informed him that the award shall carry an award of Rs 1 lakh in addition to scholarship.