MPCC chief accuses BJP and its allies of distorting history


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 28: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Gaikha-ngam has alleged that BJP and political parties allied to it, driven by their hatred for Congress, are trying to chan-ge the history and culture of the country.
He made the statement during an interaction programme for Congress work- ers which was organised at Kyamgei Maning Leikai under the aegis of Keirao Block Congress Committee today.
Speaking at the event as the chief guest, Gaikha-ngam said that the modern Indian history can be regarded as similar to that of the Congress party.
However, BJP's attempt at distorting and meddling with this history to create its own version is very childish, he said alleging that the BJP Governments in the Centre and the State achiev-ed their current status by means of foul play, unethical practices and after violating the laws and the Constitution.
Stating that the Congress party lost because it did not expect such a drastic turn as it (Congress) had been in power for such a long time, Gaikhangam said that it is similar to disregarding the dreams and visions of the great leaders who had built the Congress party.
Today's event has been organised to remember the past glory of the Congress and to motivate the party workers and the leaders to work together to bring back the Congress to power, he said.
Reminding the resolve of the MPCC to organise such event in all 60 ACs of the State, Gaikhangam said that such interaction progra-mmes have been organised in 10 blocks till date.
The interaction programmes are aimed at cap- turing at least 45 of the total 60 Assembly seats of the State in 2022, he added.
Only the AICC or the PCC cannot magically strengthen the Congress party. It takes effort from the grassroots levels and as such, requires contribution from the grassroots workers immensely, he added.
Gaikhangam continued that the people should not expect anything from the BJP Governments in the Centre or the State and claimed that nowadays, the country's economy is collapsing.
But Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy on foreign trips without any tangible vision or objective, he alleged, adding that during Modi's recent trip to the US, he never mentioned anything about Nehru or Gandhi.
However, the US President mentioned that the ideologies of non-violence and democracy should be learnt from the two great leaders, Gaikhangam added.
He lamented that the BJP MLAs and leaders, who are supposed to lead the people, are quarrelling and squabbling among themselves for power.
They have completely forgotten about the issues like CAB, Naga peace talk, drought and rising prices of rice etc, he alleged.
Urging the BJP to cancel its missions like Go To Village, School Fagathansi, Go To Hills etc, he reasoned that it is instead time to bring funds for the State from Delhi and for the leaders to work for the welfare of the people.
Keirao BCC president Yumnam Tomba as well as leaders and workers of MPCC were also present at the event.