UCM vows to face any threat posed by Naga peace talk


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 28: The United Committee Manipur (UCM) president Sunil Karam has conveyed that the Central Government should be well aware of the fact that a mass uprising even greater than that of June 18, 2001 will erupt if the peace talk between it (Centre) and the NSCN-IM creates any rift or impact between the commu-nities residing in the North East region, particularly Manipur.
He made the statement during a last Langbal Heithaba event performed at the memorial of the 18 martyrs at Kekrupat today.
Speaking to media persons, Sunil mentioned that the Central Government should not forget that it will invite only trouble if the Naga peace talks were to cause any impact in the North East, particularly Manipur and added that  in bringing any form of solution to the Naga peace talk, the Centre should not bypass the people of Manipur and other stakeholders.
Not a single aspect of Manipur should be affected by the peace talk, he demanded, urging the Indian Government not to resort to any tactics which can cause tension between the various communities which have been living together in harmony since time imme- morial.
The people of Manipur have submitted numerous memos to the Centre warning against any impact on the integrity of the State and many rallies have been organised as well. If the Centre keeps on neglecting the demands of the people, then it is only natural that the people resolve to  take an even more stringent and powerful stand. The Indian Government should remember that Manipur has lots of people who are ready to give up their life for the cause of their motherland.
Honouring the sacrifice of the 18 martyrs and the collective stand of the people, UCM will face any threat to the integrity of Manipur with full force, he said.
On the other hand, he sought the attention of the Naga brethren by conveying that he, along with the people of Manipur, realise that the Naga issue has been going on for more than 23 years.
However, he reasoned that if the Centre indeed intends to bring development and peace for the Naga people, the peace talk would not have dragged for all these years.
Sunil further alleged that UCM finds it impossible to believe that the Indian Government is a part of the peace talk with pure intentions and added that UCM instead considers the peace talk as a scheme by the Indian Government to keep the North East under its control.
He further added that UCM also think it is impossible for any of the Manipuri revolutionary outfits to come for any form of peace talks with the Central Government due to its (Centre) dishonest attitude.
Sunil continued that if the peace talk turns out to be a manipulative scheme, then it is high time for the North Eastern States to come together and identify who is the real enemy of the people.
He further alleged that the peace talk is so designed to benefit only the Indian Government and added that if the terms and conditions or demands raised by the NSCN-IM did not pose any threats to the neighbouring States or people, then all would have wholeheartedly supported the cause.
On the other hand, talking about the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) Sunil Karam said that MANPAC and NEFIP are planning to launch various protests from October against implementation of CAB.
If the indigenous people goes extinct, then the North East region will be no more. It is the duty of all the people to come together and face this threat in unity, he said.
As a part of the event today, UCM volunteers paid floral tributes at the memorial of the martyrs at Kekrupat.