India much bigger concept than Hindi

Kajal Chatterjee
"Hindi echoes the voice of integration. This is the language of tolerance and nationalism" --- just paens and paens on Hindi as if no other language exists in India or it is nothing but "God's Gift" or manna from heaven raining upon the soil of India!
Does this statement  directly imply that Kashmiri to Kannada, Marathi to Manipuri ie rest of the rich Indian languages, which form the tongue of more than 60% of Indian population,  are languages of "intolerance" and "anti-nationalism"! The brute imposition of Hindi in various spheres, often by discarding the indigenous languages in its own land ---  as witnessed in various Bengali-less important display boards or public notices in various  Railway stations in West Bengal --- bear direct proof how "tolerant" the language Hindi is! Actually the fault does not lie with Hindi, rather fault lies with the Hindi speakers/promoters of imperialist mindset. Instead of asking others not to have a "narrow view" of Hindi, the Hindi imperialists should try to liberalise their vision and learn to respect the rest of the languages whose right in democratic India of all linguistic groups is not a bit lesser than Hindi. So far from acting as an "Unifier" or "voice of integration", Hindi acts as nothing but a disintegrating force compelling the Tamils Kannadigas Marathis to Assamese to vehemently protest when the language of the North Indian states are proposed to be compulsorily taught in schools throughout the multi-lingual heterogeneous nation or recruitment examinations are desired to be taken in only English and Hindi by remaining absolutely indifferent to the other Indian languages!
Making Hindi the dominant language has resulted in a particular linguistic group getting an upper hand in all sectors and given its speakers an added advantage in the limited job market, the resultant inequality flouting all norms of democracy. In many national-level examinations, candidates are required to answer in English and Hindi only. Thus when a Hindi-speaker(with scant knowledge in English) can boldly answer fluently in his/her mother tongue, a non-Hindi speaker(if equally handicapped in English) cannot exercise such an option. What a blatant unfair advantage in favour of Hindi-speakers and gross prejudice against the speakers of  non-Hindi languages!  Thanks to the use of Hindi in Railway Recruitment Board Examinations, the candidates from North India were bagging the lion's share of the jobs which compelled the proud Assamese, Kannadigas and Marathis to launch violent protests. But the then Railway Minister in Mamata Banerjee rightly ensured examinations to be conducted in all scheduled languages of India, thereby putting all languages on an equal pedestal. And thereafter the Railway Recruitment Board examinations have started to get conducted smoothly. Thus it has got proved crystal-clear that Hindi merely serves as a tool to divide the Indians and invoke regionalism. If a regional language of North India gets crudely imposed upon the rest of the country and more than 60% of the Indians of non-Hindi speaking vintage, naturally counter-regionalism will also prosper according to Newton's Third Law of Motion. Unity in diversity can be attained by respecting and nurturing diversities, not by killing the cultural heterogeneity or imposing a particular language upon the rest.
Perhaps the votaries of Hindi are unaware or cleverly trying to hide the fact that though Hindi gets zealously projected as the "National Language"; at the end of the day,  there is no provision of such status in the Constitution. Rather a bench of Gujarat High Court, comprising Chief Justice S.J.Mukhopadhaya and Justice A.S.Dave, had categorically opined that there is no National language in India. And again a bench of Gujarat High Court, headed by Justice V.M.Sahai and  A.J.Desai, had categorically declared that Hindi is a "FOREIGN language" in Gujarat! If this opinion is taken in right spirit, it directly implies that Hindi is merely a language of North Indian states; but beyond the heartland,  it is nothing but an alien tongue. After all India is a conglomeration of different states, each possessing a distinct linguistic and cultural identity of its own. How can such colourful rich diversities be allowed to get subjugated under Hindi? Thus, those who zealously project Hindi as the "national language" are merely assaulting the very basis of  the Constitution and the powers who are imposing Hindi upon the non-Hindi speaking population are actually demeaning the esteemed judiciary. 
Yet under the leadership of the regime based on the rabid communal divisive imperialist ideology of 'Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan'; this multi-lingual multi-religious secular diverse democratic nation is being cleverly demeaned into a highly intolerant cesspool or colony of Hindi-speaking upper caste Hindus.
So it is being scandalously witnessed how Hindi is not only being imposed upon this land of linguistic diversities and this heterogeneous Indian society is getting addressed  in the language of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh; the lion's share of Central funds related to promotion of languages are also being allocated to Hindi only. Is the right of any other language in India a bit lesser than Hindi? Yet the Central regime zealously proclaimed that not a "mere" Rs.40 crore, but the Government is "ready to pay even Rs.400 crore if required" to make Hindi one of the official languages of the United Nations! Why will the tax from the hard-earned income of the the non-Hindi speakers(who form more than 60% of the Indian population) be squandered to pamper the language of few North Indian states? Is it a clever ploy to impart an image in the international community that India is "actually a monolingual Hindi-speaking country"? Narendra Modi's speeches religiously in Hindi in international forum certainly add "glory of Hindi", but doesn't add glory to the multilingual fabric of heterogeneous India!  All true Indians are indeed ashamed by witnessing the fangs of Hindi chauvinism and muscle flexing of the linguistic imperialists.
Billions of Indians are gasping for breath thanks to the nexus of hunger-malnutrition-illiteracy-joblessness-bonded labour-child labour-human trafficking and what not. Innocent helpless are dying like cats and dogs on the footpaths and slums without medicines. Millions of Indians are escaping from the wretchedness and absolute hopelessness prevailing in this "elite" country of attaining Mars orbit to lead a life of virtual slaves in West Asia or in war-torn African nations in worst of conditions. Yet far from investing maximum resource, time and energy to save India from meeting its doom and award a bit of relief to the scars of poorest of poor Indians; the Union Government is disgracefully flexing its Hindi-imperialist muscle of paying even Rs.400 crore just to establish the language of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in the United Nations! What a heartlessness and matter of callousness!
It is high time all non-Hindi speaking Parliamentarians, individuals, intellectuals, press and state Governments residing outside cowbelt should unitedly protest against the parochial imperialist stance of projecting "Hindi is India" in international forum and such barbaric squandering of resources which can be properly utilised for the welfare of common Indians.
The writer is based in Kolkata