Are you that lazy to even be lazy?

Laziness is a sickness that makes you think that, “you still have plenty of time.” It’s a sickness of living in the moment forever; it’s caused by over motivation of, “I can do it one day.” But ‘one day’ is not the first day but the last day of your journey, and to reach that last day, you need to wake up from the bed that you dream endlessly, with your hands inside your pocket.
Believing that there is always a second chance will make you grow to some extent but using this principle excessively will make you land nowhere except your bed with your hands inside your pocket, laying down believing that ‘one day’ will come to wake you up.
When you suffer from this disease called laziness, you will be even lazy to accept that you are lazy. This will hamper everything except, something called ‘creativity,’ it will increase your creativeness of making excuses, making your feel that sleeping and laying on the bed is resting but not wasting time.
Like an allergy, laziness cannot be cured but can be controlled. Chatting with your inner conscience with questions like, “Am I walking in the right direction?” will make you get away from laziness. But if you get the answers like, “Yes, you are in the right direction and you are just taking rest as it’s a long journey,” that’s the laziness’s creativity responding, not the inner conscience. Like I told you, laziness is a sickness of getting stuck in the present, and that laziness is also a very timid & scared liar. If you want to kill that laziness, drive yourself to the future to kill that laziness and take yourself out of that comfort zone, by saying, “If I don’t do this now, all dreams for my future will be gone and I will regret for the rest of my life.”
This laziness will also make you feel that you are a great planner, it will make you plan a lot of things but never for the present but for the next day, it will keep procrastinating things. It will find something to say that, now is not the right time to start up the things. You have faced and experienced failures due to laziness but your laziness will cuddle you to make you believe that, “it’s okay to fail.” Yes, it’s okay to fail when you fail while trying not while sleeping.
Instead of writing the dairy only before you go to sleep, you need to start writing just after you wake up too. It will make you know what your day is up to, rather than writing in the night just to improve your handwriting.
There is no cure other than forcing yourself to accept that you are suffering from laziness and it will take you to nowhere but to the land where, “Damn! How the hell my life has gone so soon?” I know it’s hard, hard enough to create a willingness to move on but trust me, don’t stop scaring your laziness.
Life is too short to even wait for things to happen, if you are so lazy thinking there is tomorrow, there will be a day where there will be no tomorrow; you are only waiting for your last day. This chillness you have, that’s making you so fearless about procrastinating will one day turn into a nightmare making you burn.
It’s good to be lazy, but bad to be lazy enough to go out of laziness. It’s nice to dream while sleeping but better to dream while working. It’s nice to have patience but better you realize soon if that’s laziness. It’s good to smile but better to be angry at times to get up stronger.
This is a world with limited resources, waking up on time is even late enough comparing to the one waking up before the dawn breaks. Mother nature is a bad distributor, your shares are not preserved, you fight for your space then for expanding your kingdom. Stop dreaming about living in a castle because your dreams will get disturbed by the sound of mosquitoes coming in from your torn net.
Live in the moment not with the moment forever, live with your dreams not with your drama, live with a life not with a lie.
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