Return of the power struggle : Fluid political situation ?

The controversy surrounding the death of N Babysana yet to be resolved. Framework Agreement still a mystery with no one really knowing what it is all about. The peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India reportedly at its final stage. And back here at Imphal, rebel BJP MLAs once again upping their ante to renew the call that the Chief Minister be replaced. So while the future or the coming days is still uncertain, the issues which can plunge the State into chaos and confusion and even violence is clear. It is also clear that the BJP led Government at Imphal continues to be dogged by internal discord. And any Government plagued by internal differences cannot be a strong Government, never mind the number it enjoys on the floor of the Assembly. So while anything can happen in the coming days, the party heading the Government seems to be internally torn apart and the dinner party hosted by the Chief Minister on the day the Monsoon session of the Assembly wound up stands like a desperate attempt to demonstrate that everything is hunky dory. With the Parliament as well as the Assembly sessions winding up, a number of rebel BJP MLAs are reportedly camping at New Delhi to further pursue the matter of effecting a change and while no one actually seems to know what is happening, some rebel MLAs have gone ahead and predicted that a change is imminent and it would be effected by the second week of September.
This is perhaps the first time that some sort of a time frame has been set by the rebel MLAs to effect the change. Not the case of The Sangai Express to say whether a change is desirable or not, but  a fluid political situation is certainly not what the State would want at this moment. Making things worse is the campaign launched on the social media backing one or the other group and belittling the other group ! Such an approach smacks of the tendency to cosy up to the supposed power centres and further muddy the already muddied political water. Any belief or conviction that one has is best left to oneself and it certainly does not serve any purpose to back one group or the other via the social media. Such an approach is in extremely poor taste, if one may add. The internal difference or rather power struggle within the BJP led Government cannot be good for the State in any way. On the other hand the Chief Minister and his men too should seriously study why the voice of revolt has been raised against his continuation in office. This is not the time to portray the State Government as one riven by internal differences but the time to show that there is a Government at Imphal which is strong enough to take on any challenges and meet any issue along with the people.