Thanagong Village Court appeals

NONEY, Sep 5: Deeply concerned with the 'frequent tragic incidents which have been recurring and marring' the Thanagong village, Khoupum Sub-division, Noney, the village Court has appealed all concerned individuals, groups to maintain cordial atmosphere in the village area and refrain from activities that may hinder its peace.
The Thanagong Village Court in a statement yesterday informed that it had convened a meeting chaired by Chairman Gaibirel Rongmei and Sessional Secretary Lumlungpou Kamei on August 31 at the Court premises. The meeting discussed the 'chronic issues' plaguing the peaceful environment in the region including the recent 'recovery' of  arms and ammunition on August 14 and several condemnable and life threatening incidents such as clashes between UG groups happening inn the village. Such incidents have damaged the village's reputation and mentally harassed its villagers, it said.
The meeting while condemning the incidents decided that groups concerned must take the risk, full responsibility and compensate for harms done and bear complete cost of damages if any incident/tragedy happens in future, said the village Court.
The villagers are peace loving people and need love, care, peace and tranquillity to educate children, build community up, live healthy and become a part in Nation building, said the village Court while urging all groups concerned to refrain from activities that may put the lives of its villagers in danger.