The part of us that should never grow

Every-time the door of my den shuts, all the blankets and creams that cocooned me from being me shatters.  There is a world in me that has never been fair to growth, be it a weird self-discipline.  That cosmos behind the closed door keeps flying me to a heaven where I feel no fear, no jealousy, nothing but happiness.  I still can’t control when I see my socks on the floor for that part of me forced not to pick up but to kick it, forced me to see if anyone looking through the window to move and dance a little.
Everyone has that part, the part which never grows, the part which makes them smile, the part which makes them the three years old child. Trust me, that is you, and never even dare kill that, that’s something which keeps you alive. And people who can be like who they are behind the locked door are the ones that shines.   Are you not tired of being normal? This normal am referring to is nothing but the figure scripted with expectations of the society for what you should do and what you should not do.  To the people whom you can be with like the way you are behind the locked door are the people your comfortability stays at the apex, and your bond with those people will be diamonded. 
Imagine a world where you can live like you live behind your locked door, that will be nothing but what we call a heaven; a mind with no hatred.  But the most important part is, that part of you which is bounded with innocence and that innocence has a huge willpower.  That is the same innocence you had when you were a baby, crawling and falling 100 times but never fail to get back up because that innocence never gave any consideration to fear.
So, if you live with that innocence you have, you will grow like anything. But as time goes by, you have collected so much fears and expectation which the society forced you to be a gentleman by killing your inner self and your inner CHILD. 
The only means to measure your strength is to see how much you are free from fear. Everyone is powerful, and this society will never stop from confusing you about your power and if you don’t cocoon yourself in that part of your innocence, you won’t gain the strength but stress to stretch your fear. 
It’s nothing challenging to live like the way you lived behind the walls, rather it takes off the challenges. Trust me, you have spent enough time trying to fit in the blazer, breath with tight tie, smile to impress others, now for the time left till you close completely, give all the remaining to your CHILD inside you; start feeling that this world is your room.   The day you fall in love with that CHILD in you will be the day you will comb your hair to build your confidence – not to impress, you will smile at the mirror for yourself – not for comments you received on your profile pictures, you will raise your hand in the class to ask your doubt – not to create a doubt to gain your crush’s attention.   Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself?  That person is the CHILD I am referring too, sometimes when you try going in the wrong path – he is the one that been trying to stop you, but growing up, you have gathered so much fears that you avoided his innocence.
Before it’s too late, that CHILD, he will be the only person who will make you smile when you are on your deathbed, struggling to breathe. He will tell you many stories of how high you jumped when you passed you college exam, how much you cried when you broke up with your first love, how happy you were when you got your first salary?  He is will be your memory bank.
Please, help him to get some more memories that will make you smile, more memories to recap during the last days of your life. 
The writer is a Motivational orator, who currently resides in Canada.
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