ZYF decries

IMPHAL, Sep 9: The Zeliangrong Youth Front has strongly condemned the burning down of one of the Zeliangrong villages, Lamhai Namdi, located within the Zeliangrong territory of Peren District of Nagaland in the early morning of September 6 by some armed persons.
The arson is suspected to have been carried out in connivance with some land encroachers belonging to Sumi tribe.
A statement issued by the media and publicity cell of ZYF alleged that the armed persons fired several gun shots during the incident and claimed that the empty bullet cartridges found included cartridges of sophisticated weapons which are not allowed to be possessed by civilians.
This is a direct challenge and undermines the very existence of the competent authority. As such, the Central Government and the Government of Nagaland should immediately book the encroachers and identify those persons or groups responsible for such unlawful act, it added.
The Central Government and the Government of Nagaland should not underestimate the Zeliangrong people when the matter is related to land and its people, it said.
It urged for immediate intervention from the Government's side at the earliest and to conduct an impartial enquiry into the matter and demarcate the boundary based on traditional land boundary between different tribes of Nagaland.
There is no history which show that the Zeliangrong people shared boundary with Sumi tribe and as such, some land encroachers belonging to Sumi tribe claiming that Lamhai Namdi belongs to Sumi is totally worthless, it alleged, advising those concerned to stop their attempt to grab the land of Zeliangrong people or any other tribe.
The Zeliangrong people will rise to do the needful if the competent authority fails to do the right thing in the interest of peace and tranquillity in the region.
Any negative consequences which occur as a result of the negligence of the competent authority will be the sole responsibility of the Central Government and the Government of Nagaland, it cautioned.