UNLF claims responsibility

IMPHAL, Sep 9: UNLF has claimed responsibility for the shooting to death one Heisnam Lalboi alias Dhanachandra of Thanga Heishnam Mayai Leikai yesterday, explaining that the outfit  meted out the punishment for his involvement in the gang rape (as well as attempt to murder) of a 14 year old minor from the same locality on February 13 last year.
A statement issued by the department of publicity of the outfit today mentioned that before the gang rape, the said individual had harassed the minor victim by circulating obscene photos which were doctored using her face.
Then on February 13 last year, Lalboi along with four of his accomplices, kidnapped the victim and committed the heinous crime near Thanga High School, the outfit explained, informing that the other accomplices in the crime are identified as Heisnam Hopping s/o H Romen, Heisnam Bungo s/o H Sanatombi, Heisnam Bidyananda s/o H Nando and Heisnam Arunkumar s/o H Romen.
The outfit continued that the criminals left the victim for dead but fortunately she survived and was able to find help after she regained consciousness, and added that if the minor victim had succumbed to the trauma, the heinous crime committed by the criminals might have remained unsolved till date.
The outfit then conveyed that it is high time for the people to demand a change in the justice system where the rapists are let off scott free on bail thus creating more difficulties for the victim.
It also appealed to the people of Thanga, especially the womenfolk, to refrain from forming a JAC etc when the outfit awards deserving punishment to the people who are no better than animals.
It continued that the outfit will stand in support for the women of the State, the poor and the downtrodden people and urged all to keep supporting the outfit.