Govt-in-exile greets on New Year

IMPHAL, Dec 31: While greeting all the indigenous people of Manipur on the New Year 2020, the Manipur Government-in-exile Chief Minister Yambem  Biren has said that a general election would be held in 2022 under the Manipur State Constitution Act 1947 to establish a de jure and de facto Government of Manipur.
Yambem Biren has also urged the Government of India to withdraw all its military forces from Manipur without further delay.
“We do not want more bloodbath. It is a big mistake of India to continue waging war against peace loving people of Manipur without any reason under the Charter of the United Nations and international law”, said the Government-in-exile’s Chief Minister.
He said that Manipur and India may continue their political relationship in accordance with the bilateral agreement made between the two sovereign States on July 1 and 2, 1947.
It is a political and international agreement made between India and Manipur while crown paramountcy was in operation in both the States, he said.