Where Vultures Dare

K Radhakumar

No truth can be crucified
In this wonderful world.
Its death is a temporal event;
It always returns to life.

Yesterday was Friday.
It was not a sunny day.
Say what you like
It was not the end of the world,
Not the end of the world.
There is a feeling
Of fraternity and unity of mankind
In the air today
A mellow spring Saturday.
The agents of darkness
Have all but disappeared;
The myriad forms and colours
Of the day that is
Could herald a new era
Of truth and beauty.
A new life!
A new world!
Tomorrow is Sunday
And tomorrow will be brighter than today
Tomorrow will be brighter than today.

Crises after crises after crises
No nuclear war till today.
Man die for beauty
And the world is saved by its beauty.
It is a beautiful place
A place that need not be destroyed
By the inhabitants of the civilized world.
The inhabitants of the civilized world
Who are friends of animals
But are different from animals
In their appreciation of the finer things in life!
The inhabitants who turn to themselves
To their better selves
To their humanity
To protect the unity of mankind
And make the world a nuclear-free place
With no vultures hovering overhead.