The lonely Moon

Rashmi Elangbam

Shining in the lonely sky
All alone
Nobody by your side
The stars
busy glowing their greatest
But little do they know that
your the brightest

The sea moans
when it sees you
Creatures sing
when you see them
So tell me
Why do you hide your true self ?
Why do you seem so sad ?
So many questions
but not a single reply

MY heart leaps with joy
when you smile upon me
a smile
so gentle and sweet
a smile
that has indeed melted my heart away
oh my darling
little do you know
that you are so loved
so loved by the young, old and dead
so loved
that it fills an ocean
So tell me why
do you hide your true self ?
tell me why
do you seem so sad?
Tell me why
so that I can see that smile once more
so that I can lock your sorrows away.