The Car Washed Shampoo

Lunglaigong Rongmei

Tyranny is mankind to thee!
Thou are forced to flow amidst the dirt surface of Car
Though thy maker destined thee to flow amidst royal lady's hair.
As truth is covered by lies thou are covered by misuses,
As religion is served for violence though its principle soils on love,
Misuse is human delight!
As drug for healthy young men,
As students for strife,
As security nightmare to public,
As Shepherd feasting his Lambs.
Thy mourning and thy pain alien to mankind .
Thy harder cry deafens mankind.
Thy cry is lullaby to mankind.
Since misuse is their delight!

Cry no more, Cry  no more,
Where lying is the fashion and truth in dustbin.
Thou are not alone
See, the measuring stone,they have no identity in the hands of merchants,
Fish are obese in the hand of fishmonger!
Cry no more, Cry no more,
Gold always gold despite the locations.
Thou are destined to shine wherever thou are!
But, I, trying to kill others, kill myself!