BJP counter-questions Cong

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 12: Claiming that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019, was passed after it was introduced in both Houses of the Parliament, the BJP has asked the Congress why it is drumming up protest and opposition against the Act now even though it was completely silent when the time and place were provided in the past for a proper debate.
Speaking to media persons in response to a statement made by an MPCC spokespersons yesterday, BJP Manipur State Unit spokesperson Chongtham Bijoy claimed that the Congress party had planned to pass the CAA for 67 years but it lacked political will and conviction.
He alleged that during 1979-80, Indira Gandhi promised to pass the CAA and accordingly, included many Bangladeshi refugees in the voter lists. During those times, Assam was under President's Rule.
The current condition at Jiribam is also due to the manipulation by the Congress party in the past, he further alleged.
The cut off year of CAA is set as December 31, 2014 because when Narendra Modi came to power in the said year, no infiltrators were allowed into India anymore. As the BJP Government could not stay silent any longer witnessing the large number of aliens who were allowed to come to the country by the Congress, it came up with CAA to solve the problem, Bijoy claimed.
He continued that of all the aliens, the Muslims had a place to return to but the Hindus, Parsis and Christians did not have anywhere else to go.
As Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan are Islamic countries, the non-Muslims are often persecuted. BJP only finished what the Congress started in the interest of the Nation, Bijoy added.
He then asked why the Congress party is misleading the people by labelling CAA as unconstitutional and explained that the Act will not lead to loss of Indian citizenship of the Muslims in the country.
The Congress is trying to create confusion and tension in order to seize power, he alleged.
On the other hand, contending the statement made by the Congress party concerning the imposition of CrPC 144 for a period of two months in Imphal West district, Bijoy asked how many days or months did Imphal East and Imphal West districts remain free from the said section during the 15 years rule by the Congress.
The State was gripped by long curfews in connection with various issues ranging from the death of Manorama, Sanjit and Rabina etc to the ILP issue, during the Congress rule. It will be better for the Congress to go through the records first before pointing fingers at others, he said.
The BJP ended the Congress' dream of completely looting the country. A party which has failed as both the ruling and the Opposition side, does not have a place in politics. Ever since the Congress has been in power, it has always been riddled in scams and problems. The BJP, while in the Opposition, has always been the major player in exposing the lies and scams of the Congress.
Even in Manipur as well, the MDS and LDA scam was exposed by the BJP when it was in the Opposition, Bijoy claimed.