JNIMS authority clarifies on heath card benefits, packages

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 14 : Several medical benefits, under different health packages, are being provided to the needy after the launching and implementation of Chief Ministergi Hakshelgi Tengbang, conveyed JNIMS Superintendent Dr N Jitendra in a statement today.
The statement clarified that the news which spread in social media sites concerning one Longjam Ronibala of Keishamthong Longjam Leirak, a CHMT card holder who was admitted to JNIMS earlier and is now discharged, is false and baseless.
Maintaining that she was treated by Professor Dr Rajendra Thangjam of the Medicine Department, it stated that, during her admission to the hospital, her CHMT card was found to have Rs 1,62,600 in balance.
As per the pre-authorisation form given by the doctor who was treating Ronibala, she was being treated at the hospital with a  package of Rs 1,100 daily under her CMHT card.
It further stated that Ronibala was admitted to JNIMS on December 24 and reported at CMHT help desk on December 27.
The doctor advised her to undergo some tests including LFT, KFT and Echo outside the hospital, on the day of her admission, it said while adding that some other tests were carried out at the hospital.
It said that as per the official notification of the Government, the CMHT scheme provides a card with benefits worth Rs 2 lakh to the beneficiaries. However, various health packages under the scheme are being provided to the beneficiary depending on the treatment and the cases, it added.
Ronibala was getting the treatment of Rs 1100 package per day, it clarified.
It further clarified that her usual package did not cover the medicine/shot (which cost Rs 5000) prescribed to her and added that a beneficiary's health package rate can be increased by reporting to the CMHT help desk on time.
Thorough evaluation is necessary before starting diagnosis  and choosing a package under the CMHT scheme, it informed while adding that her doctor, after suspecting that she could be suffering from heart dysfunction, was advised to undergo Echo test, which was not conducted in the hospital as JNIMS does not have the equipment.
The statement appealed to all to report or inform the help desk concerned regarding CMHT (within 7 days) or other schemes like PMJAY (within 5 days) if the packages do not cover the treatment cost or if the treatment cost is more than the package chosen.