Ward No 3, 2 post win in 16th KIWT-2020 (Football)

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, Jan 14: Ward No 3 in the main category and Ward No 2 in the veteran category win their respective match in the ongoing 16th Kanggui Inter Ward Tournament 2020 at Brig M Thomas Ground, Kangpokpi today.
In the first main match, Ward No 3 had an easy win 5-1 win over Ward No 16. Manggoulun (11th , 47th ), Thangcha (17th ), Lentinlal (25th ), and Thathang (37th ) scored for Ward No 3 while Hekho scored for Ward No 16 in the 56th minutes.
The other main match in the third ground between Ward No 5 & 6 and Ward No 1 ended 1-1. Seipu scored for Ward No 1 in the 18th minute while Dinesh of Ward No 5 & 6 found the equalizer in the 48th minute.
In veteran category, Ward No 9 held Ward No 8  to a 1-1 in the first match. Paocha scored for Ward No 9 in the 12th minute while Satminthang of Ward No 8 found the equalizer in the 56th minute.
In another veteran category clash, Ward No 2 had an easy 4-1 win over Ward No 4. Shem (10th, 48th), Len Doungel (14th), Seitinmang (58th) scored for Ward No 2 while Thathang pulled back a goal for Ward No 4 in the 43rd minute.
Tomorrow, Ward No 4 and 2 (A) will play in the main category in the first ground and Ward No 10 and Ward No 7 will play in the third ground before Ward No 1 play Ward No 17  in the veteran category in the second ground and Ward No 5& 6 and Ward No 13 will play in the fourth ground.