For beating driver on Drivers' Day... Organisations demand termination of ASI Hitler's service within 48 hours

Our Correspondents
Senapati/Kpi, Jan 14: Strongly condemning the brutal attack on a driver by an Assistant Sub Inspector of the Manipur Police at Kangpokpi bazar today, various drivers' associations have demanded termination of his service within 48 hours.
Coincidentally, the incident happened today when the drivers' associations across the State were observing Drivers' Day. In a video that has gone viral, a masked police personnel, who was later identified as Hitler Singh, is seen kicking the truck driver, Dale Alexander of Koide village, Senapati district, several times and pointing what appears to be a gun at him, in the middle of the road. The ASI resorted to violence as the driver allegedly didn't stop when he was asked to, said sources.
Condemning the high handedness of the ASI, the Senapati District Truck Drivers’ Union, Senapati District Truck Owner's Association and Senapati District Drivers’ Welfare Union, in a joint statement, alleged the assault using brute force was done with intention to cause serious harm and even 'murder'.
The barbaric action of the police personnel has caused physical injury to the driver. The incident has traumatised the victim, said the bodies adding that the incident has also sent a negative image of the police and created fear psychosis among the public.
The unacceptable action by ASI Hitler is an example of extreme police violence which may have even kill the victim, the bodies said adding that his service should be terminated immediately without any condition.
"He is not fit to perform his duties as police. His service should be terminated immediately without any condition," the bodies said warning the Government that they will impose indefinite blockade along the NH-2 if the personnel's service is  not terminated within 48 hours.
It may be noted that following the incident, ASI Hitler Singh was suspended.
Meanwhile, Kuki Students' Organisation Sadar Hills, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi and Kangpokpi Youth Union have also condemned the incident in the strongest term.
KSO Sadar Hills president, Thangminlen Kipgen alleged that such brutal and rowdy behaviours of ASI Th Hitler Singh had been reported earlier as well.
Such behaviour is not only a threat to the innocent public but also a big liability to the Manipur Police Department.
KSO Sadar Hills feels his immediate suspension is too mild. The 'gun wielding' ASI's service should be terminated, he said.
The Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi district also called for termination of the ASI's service.