India has engaged with the world on CAA : MEA

New Delhi, Jan 3 : Contrary to reports that emerged about India's lack of engagement with the world on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) clarified that multiple methods have been employed to reach out to countries around the globe and inform them why the Narendra Modi Government amended the new law.
Responding to a question on the same, MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, "There is a report which came out. It was factually incorrect. We did reach out to countries across all geographical regions. We did write to our missions and post and asked them to share our perspective on CAA and NRC with the host Governments."
Sources told India Today TV that all Indian missions and posts were "sensitised" to follow the standard practice to reach out to the capitals.
It was done post the writing down of Article 370, post-Ayodhya verdict, and post NRC and CAA.
"There are a few things we asked them to share. The first, this is a matter internal to India, the second, we asked them to convey to them that the Act just provides expedited consideration for Indian citizenship to persecuted minorities already in India from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh; third, we also conveyed to them that this does not affect the existing avenues available to other communities from seeking citizenship; fourth, it does not strip anyone of citizenship from any faith; finally, It does not alter the basic structure of the Constitution," the MEA said in a statement.
There have been questions regarding confining the CAA to only "persecuted minorities" from three countries, to which a source said these were contiguous countries to India from where minorities had come over to India.
India is willing to "share" perspective on this matter for a better understanding with whichever country that wants clarity, a source told India Today.
India has engaged the global community on issues that have led to massive protests in the region.
Adopting a "two-pronged strategy", the Ministry of External Affairs said "apart from reaching out to some of the resident ambassadors based here, we also asked our envoys abroad to engage with the capitals across different countries", said Raveesh Kumar.
India Today