For I will live not leave

Are you still hiding in the shadows? Thinking hiding means avoiding. Hiding means nothing but holding, and the only option to let go is to face it. Life was never meant to make you live at ease, and the only way to live with inner peace is to fight your “can’ts” every single day, those tiny victories will garland you with nothing but with a bouquet of smiles. 
Just like you don’t laugh at the same joke twice, why worry for the same problem? Just like you don’t enjoy your victory for long, why would you be down on a failure for long? Expectation hurts and even more when you put in a lot of efforts but if you see the other pole, you are learning something you would never have learnt if you pass the game. This world will never let you sleep on a win-win comfortable bed, uncertainty is the brand and hope is the Band-Aid, all you have to do is walk safe hoping to use less Band-Aid. This uncertainty might be the mother of all ‘what-ifs’ but this is also the one taking the most in putting flavour to this transparent life.
I have heard people say, when you are really stressed out – go to sleep. But that has never been so true for me for I can never sleep if I have something troubling me. Every-time I encounter such situations, all I do is – take a deep breath and go into the matter, accept that it’s happening not like trying to sleep hoping the world will be full of rainbows when you wake up; no. Life is busy, but never fails to give you the option for if you want to be busy working for others or busy working for yourself. I have always chosen the second one, I love getting busy enjoying.  For those who are going through the toughest time of their life, don’t think you will be trapped there, for time will pull you out and all you got to do is prepare yourself to land safely when time drags you out of this phase of your life. And even though you fall, never forget that chances are choices, and no one give you, but you create one, no one will cheer you up until you try getting up, no one will look at you until you make waves. Don’t think that your failures will decrease your worth, for that’s opening a basement for you – making you stronger and tighter.
Calculated risk is best to kill mistakes but if that welcomes fear, hit and trial can also be your plan B for it might be slow, but it will keep you on the move. Brighter the light emitted from the candle, darker the shadow formed at the base, but you are not supposed to stop shining just coz of the fear of the shadow formed at the base.
Hate won’t kill hate, only love does. But with this, I don’t want to empower love by saying love is the only key, for you might have seen in your personal life that loving the person who hates you so much might not impact the person to love you back but if you keep loving the hater, eventually everyone will see the other person as the donkey. So, don’t be the donkey.
I have always focused on growth for it kills my depression. Whenever I feel slow or down, I look back 10 years down my past to just feel proud of myself seeing the growth. It’s hard, hard to believe that things happen sometimes in the way you never want but it’s also amazing to feel this unknown happening for it gives you a possibility to dream about something you have never done and created.
If you are reading till the end of this article, let me tell you a secret, “No one really gives a damn about you, do what you got to do.”
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @live with bir.)