Banknotes for sale

Joyce Paveine
The mild bleak winter wind curled across a sanguine pouted face as one ambulated its way on a dusty roadway leading from one’s doorstep to a SBI branch. Dusting off the roughly buttered dirt relentlessly making a precipitous entrance towards a busy disarrayed line of people facing a counter with the first section of the line bewildered as to whether their only job for the past two weeks was to study the acne marks of the clerk seated in front or to witness their turns being sabotaged by another human being who came in five minutes ,some, with pretentious subplot between the interval of another human being who had watched the same episode conspicuously ending in different light. It is perhaps a challenge for one to miss their entire day’s schedule deliberated on the eventual turn of events. The air of freedom filled the lungs as one gets closer to their achievement only to suffocate the same air with another entitlement passed on by the clerk to another desk wherein one has to be lucky enough to pass through a queue awaiting for their entrance as though it is a series of mock test for UPSC exam. One witnesses an officer from another desk reaching out to a customer in a rather pompous tone highlighting the standards of their conformity. No doubt it’s no less a scene for everybody knows how engaged and vibrant the bank works. It is perhaps considered a challenge for some of the clerks to vent their stress on their overtime schedule at times with lips stained red with flavoured tobacco accompanied by an off white bin tarnished with a crude odour sympathizing their double standards .
“The required process can be attained in counter number…”, instructed another officer from a desk not looking up but rather focused on the computer screen in front where with a stare through a pair of glasses that was worn, one can easily make out that a double tab with Windows Solitaire was accessing their other interests despite the considerable rush of customers, some, confused and helpless choking their thoughts that their own naive ineffectual defenseless behaviour and questions might infuriate or annoy the staff in response to the staff’s dissimulated actions towards the customers. It is perhaps a scene from a movie to the few customers who are aware of the turning events taking place in each counter faced by ones who are not aware, for without those events, are the deleted scenes from movies.
The smell of hassles from the brows of customers and employees filled each nook of the bank not nearing to any calm except for the few who are acquainted with each other. The vivid concept of‘ survival of the fittest’ mechanized the function of getting a bank paper done. It is no surprise for once one is a habitué of it, the same privilege can possibly be obtained, but happiness is far unattained for the city had been blessed with cooperative bank employees, one namely the SBI, hectic in their own realm of preconception and deserving appraisal owing to the advantage; State Bank of India is the 54th largest bank in the world by total assets of 538.35 Billion US$ based on the 2019 S&P Global Market Intelligence report and also the oldest commercial bank in India originated as the Bank of Calcuttain 1806. The relentless beating heat during summer and the chilling wind piercing through one’s skin during winter was a beginning of confusion before stepping into the bank has had some bad moments as one realizes the suspicions of customers venting their attainment and some of their futility over the phone.
Some whose patience unmoved, no marvel for they can be meek as they have no other choice but to give in to the norms of what society claim as such to respect all employees without able to comprehend one’s emotion and experiences in any field of work. How we wish they were more compromising and considerate, being more attentive to any customer helplessness. With this note, the customers would definitely want to receive their solicitous concern as 2020 New Year gifts.
“ The dollar bills the customer gets from tellers in four banks are the same. What is different are the tellers” – STANLEY MARCUS. Napolean Bonaparte once quoted “ when a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” The blue logo instilled in the mind of the people a hope resonating for customer-friendly approach as it had built the trust of millions of people since 1806. Apart from banking, SBI contributed Community Service Banking with non-profit ventures since 1973 wherein such cases administrative offices and others sponsored for social causes and welfare activities.
The customer’s behaviour, in fact, should well be cooperative with the staffs in order to adjust to constructive and positive communication . However, the scenario of a favourable atmosphere is rarely seen.  Regardless of any situation, it’s a reckoning fact that one employee serving for the society must be able to comply and be flexible with different behavioural attitude of a considerable number of people approaching them everyday. Let not the mild winds neither the bank employees be not the cause for any despondent behaviour or annoyance on any customers. But let the reason for any customer’s inconveniences be because of their own irresponsibility and personal negligence not owing to their indignation to any bank employees or neither to an employee to any customers.
The writer is an English Lecturer in St. Xavier College, Senapati  and can be reached at [email protected] or on Facebook:- Joyce Paveine