Vote canvassing with an eye to ‘get a Govt job’

Buyamayum Liyaquat Ali
Election plays an important political, economical and developmental role in Manipur which is a part of the largest democracy in the world. We choose our political leaders through election but the process of election has been derailed by the people in its worst form.
Dancing to the tune of fiddler without knowing the consequence becomes a part of our election but we need to know that the soul of our society is bigger than election time just like the song is always bigger than the lyricist, musician and the singer. Election is a mandatory Constitutional process but the worst trend in our Manipuri society is that most of the households are in the race to work harder for Mr X or Y politician. They thought that Mr X or Y will help them to get a Government job or some benefit if they work harder for them.
It results in reducing the inner strength and educational level of our youth and students. Minimum age requirement for the right to vote is 18 years which is also a golden period of a person to shape his or her future.
The aesthetic process of election has been turned into a war like situation by some politicians. So the politicians need our youth to strengthen their muscle power and voters. Many youth wings and organizations for every political party have also cropped up in our society too.
The whimsical notion to get a Government job if they work hard for the politician is the most important reason for the attraction of our youth to politicians. Social behaviour of our society is also a reason in this situation. Our society tends to give more importance, appreciation and recognition to a politically affiliated person.
Lok Sabha election is held every five years and State legislature election is also held every five years but these elections may or may not coincide with each other. Then election for local bodies too are held every five years but they have they have their own routine.
And by-election comes frequently due to the lust for power as it happens in the present political scenario of Manipur. Thus one could say that some election or the other would be taking place ever year. Preparation for the election of a candidate starts before a year.
So a youth who belongs to a political party need to engage continuously for the politician. If the youth utilise those time to shape his future then he or she might achieve the targets. Our youth tend to forget that time is money. To opt politics as a career is laudable but wasting their valuable time for the sake of a Government job is ludicrous.
Wasting valuable time for an unguaranteed promise and unpredictable dream without any effort is not the character of an intelligent person.
Reasonable participation of our youth in free and fair election is good for our society but excessive participation just to get a Government job will bring dangerous destruction to our future Nation builders.