Corona also kills English !

Free Thinker
"Without masks, police fined me and everyone. So far they have collected many rupees in fineding and  fine-money is deposited inside the Government. So far majority masses are well and the Government is  also in the well. By the way our leader is coming  to give away sanitizers along with his wife."
Almost half the globe was part of British empire. Britishers taught English language to their subjects and colonists. This was done deliberately in order to establish better communication in their colonies for effective administrative and commercial control. Consequently many colonists had learnt the English language. But the way English is spoken or written by the natives in the British colonies or erstwhile colonies is uniquely strange. English spelling, grammar and nuances have become so  grossly compromised. Still the Britishers are very proud that the world is using their language.
Perhaps their pride is often traumatized by the smothering of their language every now and then in various parts of the world. The instances of murdering the language have become so rampant in this pandemic too. Even in this part of the world the English language is tortured like anything.
Covid Centre guidelines -"Throw out the used masks and fill them in the dustbins. The Covid patients are free to take bath with one bucket of water with the freedom of soap utilisation. Hand sanitizer washing is compulsory before feeding. The food supplied in black plastics are for the new arrivals and old arrivers must continue with the heart plastic plates. Water is freely available  for all but only for drinking. Doctor coming-going, off & on and so complaints asked when available, later on , no entertainment ".
Airport SOP -"Airport landed passengers are advised to stand in the queue straight in many circles as the space is small.  One by one test will be conducted by the nurse available if the doctor is not coming on leave. After that the air passengers will be carried to their respective hometowns and villages not free but ticket payment for bus. Waiting time food served in plastic bags, all sanitized hand can take ; safe to to consume. Positive ones will be carried and confine to Covid Centres for further treatment till next negative .  Negative are free to go.  For VIPs test done in 30 minutes and free to roam and spread out, reports all negative , except political opponents ".
"MLAs are revolving around many places , we don't know what they are doing ? The Ministers are also rotating like anything. Why doing so during pandemic, people wander. If all the leaders keep rotating or revolving like this it is easy for the virus to travel with them. Nowadays 200 every day , news not good ."
"Elites are  cutting the tickets for flying to Delhi  quite often these days. They are happy  roaming around in the Capital city as no Covid testing is done at the  airport ; 7 days quarantine is just for name sake . A VIP says he is going to marry his daughter so he is leaving for Delhi for shopping".
Expert says - "older schools that is from class Nine to Twelve may be opened from 15 October as per the guidelines issued by  Amit ji". It is upto the State Government to shut or   not to shut schools ; Old Minister has passed away and new Minister is passed in through Raj Bhawan;  he may take a decision in this regard in consultation with competent authority. Classes may be rejuvenated for the old schools keeping physical distancing. Younger classes may start later. Extra class rooms of small classes can be used  for maintaining physical distancing of higher classes.  During this Covid pandemic experts have manipulated a study and found out that Private schools are better than Government schools because they charge exorbitant fees , so Government schools may start taking  higher fees  for better performance."
On  a Jingoistic channel - " to crush the ego of Covid our great leader is flying the flag high on the Red Fort and  again to demoralize the virus  Parliament was in session for more than a week  including a Sunday. Even the Chinese were frightened to see our courage. The pride of Covid was completely annihilated by doing so. Now Corona is dramatically weakened because of our highly spirited leadership" (here the English is correct but the sense seems to be non). TRP is important . Is it manipulatible  Boss?
Officially asking leave from the Boss in this pandemic - "Sir, please lend me leave to take care of my children, my only husband is positive". "Okay, go ahead but  open the door for air entering." ,"Sir, may I open so wide for better airforce". "Yes, Yes, before leaving sanitize yourself and unskin the oranges on the table and  organise on a plate,  Bara sab is on his way".
Written at the Airport - "First temperature test and second Corona taste, then we will decide on cash to cash basis."