Stories from my old note - never will I forget these

You have a life to live not a life to survive, you have a time to invest not spent, you have happiness to be earned not money, you have a smile to share love not hide your pain, you have a heart to expose not compress, you have a dream to be fulfilled not dreamed and lastly you have your watch not to show the brand but to tell that you are on a temporary visit to this planet.
That little part of you, that smile when you think about your dream, that forceful lines in your diary, that change of breathing rate when you think that you might lose your dream, why don’t you ignite a little more strength in you to shout VICTORY – why don’t you live by your dream ?
Nothing can be carried with you except memories – that’s why all horror movies start with memories. If you can’t carry anything, why so greedy, trust me – give a little space, you will get more than you imagined.
If you want to live a life where you no longer use a snooze button every morning, where you no longer wait for only weekends to smile, where you no longer cry for taking leave from the workplace, all you need to do is this one thing – do what your damn heart wants. And while chasing your dream, there is nothing called good or bad, it’s all about you being strong enough or not.
Let me throw this question to those parents who think their children are weak like them, “Why would you think that your children are born to fulfil your dreams ? Why do you think that what you plan for them is the best ? Why do you think that they should only do whatever you want ? Because you gave birth to them ? Or because you raised them ? You sometimes tend to forget that they are humans, if you want everything to be done in the way you want, “why don’t you get a German Shepherd ?”
Some mistakes are not committed due to carelessness but over-carefulness, some dreams are not fulfilled due to fear of failing but fear of trying, some people commit suicide in the name of killing the problem but all it does was ‘passing on,’ some leaders are created but those who are born as a leader – they will suffer like you know who, some problems are meant to be ignored – like fighting with your neighbour everyday, some hopes are not just an immature dream but a tissue paper while you are crying for giving up.
I know it’s hard, hard to find ourselves with all this clouded acting. As we are told how to behave, how to think, how to eat, how to even stay when no one sees, we are blanketed with these actings, which is turning out to be one of the biggest mediums of killing the real us, which will in-turn affect the purpose of life.
Having said and written so, it’s hard yet it’s not impossible, experiences have proven that there are some who still hold on to being themselves. The way you are when you are completely away from “what will they think or say?” is the purest you can be. When you find that, hold on to it, be bold enough to save that true nature, water it with no fear but hope, let it grow till that tiny nature of yours becomes a brand for millions.
One of the clearest reasons why you are being stopped from enjoying your true version, is nothing but lack of confidence, you keep thinking that you are not good enough to compete when you are being yourself.  Firstly, you are not out here trying to compete and secondly, being yourself is the best version of you.

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