CKYSO unhappy with enquiry report of Mayili Charana's death

IMPHAL, Oct 15
The Chakumai Khridziiphi Youth and Students’ Organisation (CKYSO) said it is deeply discontented with the recent Government department enquiry report dated 9th October 2020, wherein the core issue in respect to the demise of Late A Mayili Charana is diverted from the main cause.
According to a release of CKYSO, the fact finding committee’s report has completely failed to take the confidence and grievances of the aggrieved villagers and the family.
“The victim party is deeply shocked and were taken aback by the arrogant attitude of the medical staff present at the hospital on that fateful day. The patient in the first place was refused admittance stating that he was from Chakumai village and should be first treated at Tadubi CHC. Therefore, the organization questions the competent authority as to why emergency patient was treated as per area and jurisdiction wise instead of giving the first priority to the emergency patient,” the release said.
The basic treatment given to the patient was grossly violated at the very first stage to which ancient method of treatment was propagated by refusing to provide scissor in which a machete (traditional dao/okhro) was used to sever the injured individual shirt for which the organization was aghast with the pathetic way of treatment in this modern times, it further said.
The organization has also questioned the authority of Sub-District Hospital (SDH) Mao as to why the ambulance which was stationed in the hospital premises outrightly refused citing reservation for only delivery cases when the patient condition was of life and death situation.
The village authority, CKYSO and the family members of Late A Mayili Charana has demanded to know whether Government guidelines were followed in this kind of emergency situation.
In reference to the Government enquiry committee’s report wherein the treatment given to the deceased as “timely treatment” and there was no delay in treating Late A Mayili Charana is highly questionable, it said.
The inquiry committee took a one sided version that of the SDH Mao medical staff and failed to take the version of the witnesses who were present from the very beginning till his last breath, it said.
The CKYSO is also very much pained to see a press statement issued by the Medical Fraternity of Sub-District Hospital Mao claiming “false allegations” to the deceased near and dear ones who were in deep mourning period justifying the cause of death as natural citing excessive loss of blood due to grievous injury, it continued.
The CKYSO has demanded the State Government to check whether basic guideline of medical procedure and conduct was followed in the case.
It has also condemned the inquiry committee’s report and demanded the State Government to incorporate the grievances before coming out with any final report as demanded by the Mao Students’ Union.
The CKYSO will fully endorse and co-operate with the Mao Students’ Union Join Action Committee in whatever course of action is to be taken up accordingly if GoM fails to deliver justice, it added.